Say bye to the fall blues with products by M. Asam


I am a huge fan of everything that smells nice. Perfumes, skin care or scented candles, everything should have a nice smell. To me, it’s as important as the quality of the products I use. In late fall and winter, it’s so easy to fall into a blues because the days get shorter, the weather gets gray and rainy, and you just don’t have any mood to do anything. Such things like color therapy help me a lot. I pay attention to more colorful combinations while styling my outfits. Warm and deep scents I personally associate with the happiness do help me a lot too. Even if it’s cold and rainy outside, right scents are able to improve your mood and recharge you with energy. Recently, I discovered a whole bunch of great products which became my favorite ones for the cold season. M. Asam creates special lines for every season and that makes it so special.

Body cream „Iris“

This incredibly smelling product is created for dry skin and improves it immediately after the first application. Such ingredients like grape seed oil, almond oil, cocoa, and shea butter nourish the skin and make it smooth and soft. The floral scent is so nice, and it creates such a good feeling, especially after taking a warm bath. I love using it evenings so that it can nourish my skin the whole night long. When I use this body cream, I forget about any tension or irritations caused by skin dryness which is a normal condition for my skin during cold seasons.


Peeling „plum & cinnamon“

Many people forget that our skin needs a regular peeling even during fall and winter. Sure, you don’t need to peel your skin as often as you usually do in summer, but you should do it nonetheless. The peeling by M. Asam is specially made for winter to create a nice atmosphere and a kind of Spa feeling connecting sensual scents and natural ingredients. Its scent is incredibly warm and comfortable. Natural sugar crystals peel all dead skin cells in no time and cold-pressed grape seed oil nourishes your skin at the same time. It´s perfect for late fall and winter because it makes you feel so warm, cozy, and comfortable.


Body Splash „almond flower“

I just love the scent of almond flowers, that is why I knew that I would like this product. The spray not only gives you a nice kick of freshness but also moisturizes it with such ingredients like panthenol, urea, and aloe vera. I love starting my day with this spray because it makes the perfect beginning of the day. Additionally, I regularly take it to the gym where I apply it on my body after working out. It makes me feel so energized and the smell always strengthens my spirits.


The perfume „Pink Lily“

I always was a fan of expensive perfumes. I used to think that they are just more qualitative and better than the cheaper ones. Though visiting the latest beauty blogger event by beauty press in Cologne I realized that I was wrong. Of course, there are exclusive perfumes which are a completely different story but the normal ones we usually purchase often make us buy them paying too much only for the brand and the packaging. At the event, I got to know so many great perfumes which weren´t that expensive but they were amazing. This perfume is not an exception. Buying 100ml you pay only 19.75 EUR which is a very fair price. What you get is a great composition of such notes like hedychium coronarium, sandalwood, cedarwood, and tuberose. It´s so fresh and elegant with a slight sweetish note which makes it the perfect scent for every day.






*  All products have been given to me by the brand M. Asam. All opinions and thoughts in this review are my own and weren´t affected in any way. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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