Sensai silk: Softening Lotion (Moist), Emulsion (Moist) – review

Sensai Silk 2

Today I wanna talk about my favorite theme, skin care. Recently I purchased two products by Sensai: Lotion (Moist) und Emulsion (Moist). Sensai has different lines for different skin types (in this post I mention only a hydration of the skin). Depending on your skin type you choose your products. I have normal to dry skin that is why the (moist) line was recommended to me.

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Sensai developed a system of a double cleaning and a double hydration of the skin. As for me, I do not have the cleaning products by Sensai. First of all, I am pretty much satisfied with the products I already have. Secondly, the stuff by Sensai is too expensive. As for the second step (hydration), I’m ready to buy something expensive. That is why I only bought two products from the whole line. The lotion should be applied at first. It gives you a nice feeling of a soft, smooth and silky skin. After that the emulsion should be applied. Here is a soft pressure massage recommended. It lets your skin absorb the emulsion faster.

Sensai Silk 3


The lotion (Moist) and the Emulsion (Moist) are the best hydration products which I´ve ever used. They have a light texture, have a vacuum bottles, absorb fast and are easy to apply. Well, they are not that cheap, but each bottle is 100 ml. which let you use them longer. Additionally you can use them both day and night. If you have dry skin these products will be your helper for a long period of time.

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