WTF? – The most expensive eye cream I´ve tried

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As you probably may know, I love trying out new skincare and makeup products. Since I´ve started my blog, it´s become even more important because I want to find good products which hold what they promise and want to share my experiences with you. Is it worth buying a high-end product or not? Which products show great results and which don´t? All this I try to find out for you and for me. The older I get, the more I pay my attention on skin care products. Today I decided to share with you my experience with the most expensive eye cream I´ve ever tried. So, if you are interested to learn more about the Japan / French brand Sensai and the eye cream „cellular performance eye contour cream“, let´s get started.

The Sensai products belong to the high-end category and are quite expensive. Still, there are some really miracle skin care products you probably won´t find anywhere else. So, e.g. I fell in love with the line Silk Moist from which I used two products, a face tonic and a hydrating emulation (here). Hoping to find something as good, I paid my attentions at the eye cream „cellular performance eye contour cream“, which was highly recommended to me by the department store consultant. The product costs a little fortune, 114 EUR, which is a lot for 15 ml of the product. This price makes the eye cream the most expensive skin care product I´ve ever tried. Still, the product was supposed to reduce puffiness, fine lines caused by dryness of the skin and to make it firmer.


The packaging is one of the main differences between high-end products and the drugstore ones. If you decide to purchase an expensive product, you will most certainly get a nice, qualitative packaging. This eye cream is not an exception. The glass jar has a beautiful, minimalistic design and is very nice to look at. You won´t need too much time to understand that this product isn’t cheap.

The eye cream – texture, application and first impressions

Frankly, I was a little bit surprised as I opened the jar for the first time as I didn´t expect to see such a thick consistency. The texture of the cream is so firm and rich that it´s even hard to get some amount out of the jar with the finger. Luckily, there is a spatula in the set which is very useful. Another characteristic of the product is that you should warm it on the back of your hand in order to be able to apply it on your undereye area. This is also why it´s almost impossible to apply a thin layer on your skin.

As I started to use this eye cream in spring, it was definitely too rich and thick to use it in the morning. It would just take too long for the cream to be absorbed and all the makeup including the concealer would crease within seconds. Because of that, I decided to use it in the evening and I must admit that I really liked it. As I have a dry undereye area, this cream hydrates and nourishes it so well. I applied it about two hours before going to bed so it could be absorbed properly.


I´ve been using the eye cream “cellular performance eye contour cream” for more than two months and really like it. Still, even for my dry skin this cream is way too rich and thick to use it in the morning. Using it in the evening every day I noticed that my skin became more hydrated and my fine lines less visible. Though I couldn´t see any reduction of the puffiness. Nonetheless, this product provides the best results in hydration and fine line reduction I´ve ever had. Would I recommend this product? Yes, I definitely would. Still, I would do it in two cases. First of all, this eye cream is a great product for dry skin. In other cases, it won´t work out for you I guess. Second, if you can afford it and 114 EUR isn´t a fortune for you, then it´s a great product for you. This eye cream is not an all-rounder for every skin type and won´t reduce all the possible problems you may have.


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Did you try very expensive skincare products? What were your results?

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