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My appearance is very important to me and I try my best to remain attractive, young, and healthy as long as I can. Shiny and long hair, even and flawless skin are the visible signs of our health and beauty. Though, there is hardly any woman who eats healthy every day, does sports regularly without any interruptions and sleeps at least 8 hours in the night. I´m not an exception as well. Actually, I try to do sports at least three times a week and pay attention to eat enough fruits and vegetables. All these things may not be very important to young girls, but in 20 or 30 years such healthy way of life will provide benefits for sure. Luckily, today there are so many ways to acquire healthy habits easily and quickly. Some of them are listed in today´s post.

Skincare – choose qualitative and proved products

Our skin needs to be cared for properly. Such aspects of our life as stressful situations, lack of sleep, and environmental pollution make it dull, stressed and cause blemishes and irritations. It´s so important to clear your skin and nourish it every day. Of course, therefore you should use qualitative and proved brands and skincare products. I pay attention to the products I use and always check the ingredients. Recently I discovered the Meforma cream which gives me a nice hydration and makes tiny lines caused by dryness and stress, less visible. It doesn´t contain mineral oil or silicones which is very important to me.




Quality of sleep

Frankly, when I have a sleepless night I need a lot of time to cover it up the next morning. Unfortunately, sometimes I do have such nights because of stress and endless thoughts disturbing me the whole night. Some months ago, I tried the innovative sleep method by AIVI which visibly improved the quality of my sleep. Additionally, I always air my bedroom and use my lavender pillow spray to calm down which helps me to fall asleep much easier.




Healthy food and smart water drinking

I have so many things to do during the week that sometimes it´s not easy to eat healthily and consciously. Especially in the time when I have numerous meetings and arrangements, it´s hard even to get a pause to have lunch. For such stressful days, I always have a protein bar in my bag. Such a snack makes me feel full for a long time and is much healthier than the classical snacks. Another issue is drinking enough of water (it´s about 2 l of water per day). I also always have a bottle of water in my bag when I´m on the go. If I don´t drink enough, I get a terrible headache. Additionally, drinking enough water means a nice and hydrated skin, faster metabolism and feeling great and healthy.

Though I know that many people have a problem with drinking enough water just because they forget to drink or mistakably think they would drink enough. For such people, there are many reminder applications for iOS or Android smartphones. They let you know when it´s time for another glass of water. Being at home or working in the office, I never put the bottle of water on the table. Like many other people working on the computer, I frequently forget to make a pause. Getting a reminder to drink another glass of water, I need to get up and walk to the kitchen which makes me make a little break. So, my eyes can relax a little bit and I can be active for a minute or two or maybe even get some light stretching of the upper body.


I´m wearing: turtleneck by Caliope / skirt by Zara / overknees by Buffalo / bag by Zara / 



There are so many ways to acquire some new healthy habits. Nowadays we can also use applications which make it even easier for us. Why don´t you start doing something for your health right now?


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  1. 15. December 2017 / 12:26

    Such a lovely and true post Daria! I always try to get as much sleep as possible but it’s not always that easy.. however, I will definitely keep your tips in mind!
    Great skirt btw <3
    xx, Carmen –

    • Daria
      22. December 2017 / 13:30

      Thank you so much!

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