Six habits for a happy and productive day

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Hi, beauties! For sure you know that the way you start your day affects it the most. This is why it´s so important to start it right to gain energy for a nice and productive day. Frankly, for years I did absolutely nothing about it. I simply got up and started speeding towards my bathroom and kitchen, trying to get ready as fast as possible. The more I started my morning that way, the more frustrated I got. I didn´t feel enough energy, I was in an awful mood and I hated everything in the morning hours. The more, the worse. I started to experience pain in my back. I simply couldn´t live the way I lived anymore and all the negativity which I felt the whole time needed to stop. The beginning of the year I made a decision to change the way how to start into a new day. I added some important morning habits which really changed my life. I feel much better and have more energy. These are my personal healthy habits which make every day a productive and happy one.

Start your morning with water

For sure, you´re thinking right now: “I´ve heard it a million times already!”. But let´s be honest, how many of us really do it? It´s recommended to drink a glass of water directly when you get up. I discovered for my body that it´s not enough and that´s why I do it a bit differently. First of all, when you prepare a glass of water before going to bed, you won´t forget to drink enough when you´ll wake up. I put a glass of water on my bedside table in the evening. In case I´m thirsty in the night, I don´t even need to get out of my bed. After drinking normal water, I make a pause for 20-30 minutes and do my usual morning routine. Then, I drink another glass of water with a little bit of fresh lemon juice. This is how you get enough liquid in your body in the morning, help your digestion to be fully active for your breakfast, and get some extra vitamins. I´ve been doing much better since I integrated this ritual in my morning routine.

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Qigong for more energy

Every morning I practice qigong for at least 20 minutes. There are special morning exercises which give you so much positive energy and vibes that you basically don´t need any caffeine to wake up. For those of you who don´t know what qigong is, I´ll briefly explain it. Qigong is a system of poses, movements, breathing, and meditation based on Chinese medicine and philosophy. I tried yoga several times and I didn´t feel right about it at all. Yoga is too static for me personally. The moment I tried qigong, I discovered that the combination of peace, breathing, movements, and flow is something that I really enjoy. It truly changed my life. The first thing about qigong is that I feel much better and have more energy every day. Secondly, my back pains are almost gone. I´m a person who is constantly experiencing unpleasant vibes because of my anxieties, fears, and thoughts and I found out that qigong helps me to ease that feeling too. I got more balanced and focused on my inner peace which even my husband noticed. That´s why qigong belongs to those morning rituals I never skip.


Affirmations also belong to my life and are practiced in front of the mirror every morning. Recently, I wrote a separate blog post about affirmations (here) where I told about my experience and how they actually work. For sure, affirmations can work only in case you believe in them and take them seriously. I personally feel more confident since I´ve been doing it. Every morning I tune myself to have a great and successful day and it works. Another great option to feel blessed and happy is to be grateful every day. Just mention all the things you are grateful for in your life and you´ll feel that you are a happy person who has so many precious things.

Healthy breakfast

Not for nothing breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. It gives you all the necessary vitamins, fibers, and energy for a great start into a new day. That´s why it´s important to pay attention to what you eat in the morning. In summer, it´s super easy to get fresh fruits and vegetables and you definitely should go for it. I personally love Greek yogurt with berries and chia seeds or my banana-oats cake (see the recipe here) for breakfast.

Parsley ice cubes for the under-eye area

When the night was too short or you simply couldn´t sleep for some reasons and got puffiness the next morning, there is a nice and quick solution. I always keep parsley ice cubes in my fridge. The thing is, that parsley stimulates skin activity, reduces redness and makes it even. Additionally, any puffiness will disappear within seconds.


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Task scheduling for each day

Last but not least, keep all your important goals, arrangements, and tasks on paper. I always write down everything I need to do on a daily basis. The most important things come first. When I completed them all I can move to the less urgent ones. Writing everything down spares a lot of time and guarantees that you won´t forget anything very important.





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