Skin and hair care with coconut oil

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In today´s review I wanna share with you my experience with coconut oil and the ways how this multifunctional natural product can be used. It can be used for skin care, hair care and even teeth care.

You will be surprised about how magically coconut oil can improve your skin and hair, but you should follow some important rules. First of all, do not use a pure product on your skin, both face and body. Traditionally, coconut oil is mixed together with your face, eye cream or body lotion. Use not more than 10% of coconut oil in your face and eye care products. For your body you can take 30% of coconut oil in your skin care product. Please, do not exceed the percentage given above. Warning: only refined coconut oil is used for the face and body care as the unrefined version of the product may cause skin irritation and pimples. It could happen because the unrefined coconut oil creates a thick layer on your skin which cannot be absorbed by the skin.

Coconut oil is especially effective for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. Such sensitive skin as eye area, neck and décolleté can also be provided with the needed hydration with coconut oil.

Unrefined coconut oil can be used for healthy and shine hair. The only thing you should do is to apply liquid coconut oil to the length of your dry hair (not on your scalp) for at least 1 hour. In case of very damaged hair such hair mask can be applied for the whole night. You will be surprised how healthy and shiny your hair is afterward. Refined coconut oil can be used on the scalp and helps against dandruff and supports the growth of healthy and strong hair.

Coconut oil is also a good helper for soft feet and elbows. It should be applied for the whole night. Next morning you will feel the difference.

Refined coconut oil can be also used as a shaving cream. In the summer it´s very easy as coconut oil melts at the temperature +22 C◦. All you need to do is to apply liquid coconut oil before shaving. In the winter you should just put coconut oil in the pan with hot water and it will melt very quickly. This way of shaving will make your skin smooth and will protect it against skin inflammation as coconut oil is a natural antiseptic.

As you see, coconut oil is a nice beauty helper. It is quite simple to use but the effect of this product is overwhelming. I hope you´ve learnt something new from this article that will make your beauty routine a little be easier and more comfortable.

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