Skincare products by Oliveda: the power of olive trees

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Those of you, who know me or have been reading my blog for a while, know that I´m a sucker for skincare. My skin is very sensitive and tends to be dry, I even think that it gets even more sensitive from year to year. That is why I´m constantly on the lookout for suitable skincare products which show great results in making my skin better in numerous ways. I strongly believe in the power of plants and love testing such products by the brands which focus on adding them into their lines. When I got an offer to test the anti-aging line by German brand Oliveda, I received it without any hesitation. Why? I just loved their main concept and the fact that the brand not only uses different plants and extracts but goes even further and make something innovative. Looking at the name of the brand it gets clear that it´s all about the olive. Still, it has nothing to do with olive oil. The brand uses 70% of the olive leave elixir instead of water in each product. This elixir combined with other plants and their extracts provide more efficient and make every ingredient give ist whole power to your skin to make it better, plumber, and be more nourished. It sounds incredibly exciting, doesn´t it? I felt exactly this way the whole period of my test-phase (which has been more than a month). I tried out the F09 anti-wrinkle eye cream, the F06 active cell serum, and F07 anti-aging face cream. I was really blown away by these products but let´s take a look at each one in particular.

F09 anti-wrinkle eye cream

This eye cream proved its quality. It´s so nourishing and hydrating. I´ve tried hundreds of different eye creams but I really don´t know, whether I had something like this before. This product is based on the olive leave extract which has amazing anti-aging qualities. It soothes the puffiness under the eyes and makes it smooth and hydrated. I didn´t expect this cream to be so light textured because the moment I opened the jar fort he first time, I expected it to be quite thick. It turned out that it´s not fatty and I can even use in my morning routine without any fear that my makeup could look greasy afterward. It´s also perfect to use a night mask. All you need to do it applying the cream a little bit thicker than usual. Your under-eye area will be very thankful after such great treatment.

F06 cell – active serum

I have a very sensitive skin which tends to be dry, that´s why I always use numerous face serums a the first step of my regular hydration and nourishment. This is why I paid particular attention to the cell active serum by Oliveda. Here again, I must admit that this product is a 100% bullseye for me. I love how my skin feel and looks after using it. The serum is absorbed within just a few seconds but you immediately feel the difference. Especially if you have dry skin like myself, you will notice that feeling of a perfectly nourished and plumped skin. Additionally, it smells like heaven. I´m so in love with this face serum that I´ve been using only this product for a while already. Though I daydream about any skincare products quite seldom, this one is an amazing exception.

F07 anti-aging face cream 

To complete my skincare routine, I always use good face cream to nourish and hydrate my skin to the possible maximum level. The real heroes of this face cream are such ingredients like the olive polyphenol, oleuropein, and hydroxytyrosol which renew the skin cells and return its elasticity. The avocado oil which is also a part of this product is a huge helper fort he skin cell reconstruction. This is how fine lines are effectively reduced and the new ones prevented. I use this product together with the cell active face serum and love how my skin looks and feel the next morning.

I could praise these amazing skincare products much longer but I think that the best way to convince oneself if trying out the products himself. I´m happy to share with you my personal code which gives you a 15% discount „DARIADBK15on everything at I don´t earn anything on this campaign, I just let give you the chance to try out great natural products, I´m pretty sure you will love them. Try them out first and after that, you can come to my blog again and say „thank you“.




*  All products had been provided to me complementary by Oliveda. Still, all opinions in this review are my own and had not been influenced in any way.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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