Sleep better with AIVI – my results after 5 weeks of using

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A healthy sleep is very important for us. This is not only a kind of relaxation for your body after a stressful day but also our health and beauty. As you probably know, the main processes of regeneration in our body start during the night. So, if you want a nice and smooth skin, you need to sleep well regularly. That is why this is so important to work on the adjustment of our sleep habits in order to remain healthy, happy, and young. A good sleep is one of the main milestones for a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, many people nowadays have big problems with their sleep quality.

My whole life I also couldn’t sleep as well as I would love to. I tried many different methods to optimize the quality of my sleep, but I didn’t get any spectacular results. I have a light sleep and wake up even hearing low noises. Having stress, I cannot sleep at all. I can lie awake the whole night thinking. It affects my life pretty much. So, I decided to search for another possible solution to my problem on the internet. When I found the AIVI pillow and read positive reviews about how it was supposed to improve the quality of sleep, I risked ordering it to try it out. I have been testing the pillow for 5 weeks and want to share my experience with you in today´s post.

AIVI – science helps to sleep better

The pillow itself and the method of how it works were made in Germany and had been tested in numerous clinics for somnology research. The product is not only made in Germany due to the consumer standards but also using only biological materials. It´s made very qualitative and hypoallergenic. Ordering it you get the pillow with a cable and the detailed direction about how to use it correctly.


How is it supposed to work?

The AIVI pillow works with almost every smartphone and needs an installed application to operate it (the AIVI app can be downloaded for free). Connecting your smartphone with the pillow, using the integrated cable, you can choose one of three possible melodies from the app. All you need to do next is set the timer for 30 or 60 minutes. After that time, the music will automatically turn off. The music should be set very quietly so that you can barely hear it. To me, the application and the easy way to use it is one of the best advantages of the product. There are so many complicated apps where you need to find out how it works for hours.


But how is it supposed to work and improve the quality of sleep? The method is based on the special frequency pattern which sends signals to the brain cells and creates the right electric activity in order to change the sleep rhythm. This frequency pattern teaches the brain how to sleep effectively on a natural basis. Of course, such a great change needs some time. Up to 8 weeks are needed to see positive results. Still, about 25% of AIVI users confirm a positive change in their sleep habits after two weeks of using it.


My experience with the product after 5 weeks of using

To be honest, I didn´t expect too much because I never slept well and didn´t see other methods work innovatively on me. Additionally, I had some pressure from other people who knew of my test and constantly asked, whether I could sleep better yet. In the beginning, I truly didn´t see any results. Only after having been using the pillow about five weeks long, I noticed that I could fall asleep much easier. On the whole, I´m satisfied with the improvement I got. Still, I´m sure that I can achieve better results, so, I will definitely use it further. In my case, it really worked.


Additional tips:

It doesn´t matter, whether you use the AIVI pillow or not, such things as fresh and cool air in your bedroom, a good mattress, and no TV before going to bed will improve your sleep. I also like using a lavender pillow spray which helps me to relax a little bit more.


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What helps you to sleep better?

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  1. Feli
    29. September 2017 / 15:24

    Klingt so gut 🙂 Und du siehst toll aus 🙂 Ich finde nicht, dass deine Haare ruiniert worden sind 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Feli von

    • Daria
      1. October 2017 / 12:13

      Das wirkt in meinem Fall wirklich gut! Danke für deine netten Worte, doch früher waren meine Haare anders. Vielleicht sieht es nicht so schlimm aus, weil ich alles Möglich dafür tue, doch sie mussten ganz schön leiden.

      Schönen Sonntag!


    • Daria
      2. October 2017 / 11:15

      Thank you so much, dear Patty!

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