Smokissimi Super Liner by L’oreal Paris – review

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Loreal Smokissimi 2

I like many products by L´oreal. That is why I was excited to try their smokissime super liner. This eyeliner should create a beautiful smokey line effect on the eyes. The product has a pencil form. The pigmented powder which is in the cap of the pencil is automatically given on the sponge and ready for application.

Loreal Smokissimi 1

Loreal Smokissimi swatch

While making swatches I was very satisfied with the high pigmentation of the product. The line looked so nice and blended! Unfortunately it didn’t look the same on my eyes. While doing my smokey eyes the powder loosed on my face. I just had my face full of black spots. I faced another problem trying to clean it as they turned into black lines all over my face. After some time I became successful in my fight against that chaos and could finish my make-up. Actually I got a good make-up but it didn’t last long. As after an hour the eyeliner left black circles above my eyes and I looked like a panda. That day I had to touch up my make-up several times.


The idea of the product is really great. But in reality it turns out to be a horror. The eyeliner by Lóreal has just one advantage, it is its high pigmentation. Unfortunately there are way too many disadvantages. Any make-up will be such a mass with this product. You will have to control the situation with your eyes every 20 minutes in order not to become a panda. It is a pity for this product.

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