Smoothie rich in vitamins

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Smoothie Zutaten

Finally, the season of fruits and vegetables has begun. I love strawberries so much and that is why I am really happy about the season. At the moment there is strawberries´ season in Germany so I eat as many of them as I can in order to get vitamins for the rest of the year. I like strawberries in smoothies as well. The best thing in berries (not only strawberries) that they neutralize the taste of some vegetables which you don’t like. As for me, I hate parsley. I know how healthy parsley is, but I just cannot struggle against myself. I hate its taste.

For today´s smoothie we need fresh mint, fresh parsley, lemon, strawberries and a little bit of soya milk.

First of all, we separate the mint and parsley leaves from the stalks. It is important to use the leaves only as the stalks can be too hard to be mixed properly. After that put the strawberries to the leaves, squeeze as much lemon as you personally prefer and put the last ingredient, soya milk. As for me I prefer to put soya milk in the proportion 40/60. The only thing to do is to mix all the ingredients together.

This smoothie is best to drink directly after the mixing.

Additionally, after having done some sports you can put one banana and two tea spoons of protein powder to the ingredients mentioned above.


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