Sneakers in casual looks – how to wear?

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What do your think about sneakers? Surprisingly, how one can change his mind about something like shoes. I used to think that sneakers are made only for one occasion, sports. This kind of shoes does not fit any street style – at least that’s what I thought. I possessed only two pairs of sneakers which I only wore in the gym. Everything changed when I ordered beautiful sneakers made of suede leather by New Balance. When they were delivered to me I understood that I couldn’t work out in these shoes because they were way too pretty. I just didn´t want to “kill” and sweat them in the gym. That day I discovered that sneakers could be worn in the everyday life. I still have and love them. Since then, I have two categories of sneakers, the ones I wear in the gym and the ones I wear in my casual everyday looks.

I prefer the black and grey sneakers for the gym, but for my casual outfits, I love the white color. Recently, while walking through a sports store I saw beautiful sneakers in white by Reebok. It was the classic model in the limited holographic edition. I fell in love at first sight but didn’t buy them at that moment. I wasn’t sure, whether I needed them or not. On the third day, I ordered them on the Reebok website. They are just perfect for every day. They are not only beautiful but also something special because of the hologram. Are they good for working-out? Not for me. I prefer something much lighter and more flexible. I have been working out in Sketchers for years. They are almost weightless and have a memory foam which makes them the most comfortable sneakers in the world.

But of course, we all are different and prefer different things. Sometimes in the gym I see some “fashionistas” who are working out in the shoes which haven´t actually been made for sports at all. Tastes differ. The Reebok sneakers for me are stylish and comfortable shoes for long walks in the city and running errands.

With today´s outfit I want to show you my way of styling white sneakers for a casual look. I personally prefer to wear white sneakers with black jeans as I like the contrast of these two colors and black jeans also make the look with every kind of sneakers less sporty. Choosing the right top, one should keep in mind that feminine or tight sweaters, blouses and shirts won´t look good with sneakers. A broad sweater or an oversized one would be perfect for a casual semi-sporty look. I decided for a short broad destroyed sweater.

As for the accessories, you shouldn´t wear anything like statement necklaces or earrings unless you are not Snoop Dogg´s wife. Some small earrings and a thin necklace would be enough. In case you want to wear something bigger, it should be a minimalistic choice. I am wearing a stainless-steel necklace with small glass elements. Otherwise, keep your look as simple as possible.

I love such casual and comfortable looks. When wearing semi-sporty outfits, it´s important not to look as if you´ve just left the gym (unless you have actually been working out). How did you find my today´s outfit?

I am wearing:

Sweater by Asos, here

Jeans by Hilfiger Denim, here

Sneakers by Reebokhere

Necklace by Esprit, similar here






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