Sportleisure: sport pants with a classic trench coat


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I´ve been pretty much on tour for a while which is great but makes my regular publishing schedule on the blog kind of weird. Though I take my laptop with me every time I travel, still, it´s not the same and I´m happy when I manage to publish my regular amount of blog posts per week. I hope this situation will be changed pretty soon. But frankly, all the stress travels, and numerous things to do affect my physical and emotional well-being. For sure, any of you know what I mean. Maybe, it´s just a stressful period of time and nothing more. So, I need to wait until everything will be different and I will get a free head to write for my blog normally.

Home, sweet Home – or an interesting shooting in my hometown 

The pictures for this outfit had been made in my hometown, Rostov-on-Don which is in the south of Russia. Of course, that time everything went not as well as expected. Two days before the photo shooting was planned the weather was cool and windy which was okay for me as my outfit was warm. Unfortunately for me, the sun decided to show up and warm up the city a little bit. The temperature rose to 30 degrees Celsius and I could literally feel how my makeup melted down my face. I actually gave up on the pictures because I was sweaty and felt just terrible. Surprisingly, they turned out to be amazing. Now looking back at that photo shooting I realize that it was a great moment to remember and the pictures will help me to do it.

I wanted to shoot this outfit for a long time. Recently I discovered another wave of the sportleisure love and add some extra sporty touches to most of my current outfits. This time I decided for spots pants by Tommy Hilfiger. I paired them with a classic white shirt and a trench-coat. To make the outfit look more casual and relaxed, I rolled the sleeves of the shirt and the trench-coat up. High heels is another important part of sportleisure outfits because they make the style shift of different pieces smoother and more interesting. Trendy sunnies are always good to do an outfit up. I chose the expanded cat-eye version in the retro look. What do you think about my today´s outfit?

I´m wearing: trench coat by Esprit / shirt by Hallhuber / pants by Tommy Hilfiger / sandals by Office / sunnies by Zara /   

Lieben Gruß,


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  1. 30. May 2018 / 16:58

    Ого! На той фотографии в Иг я даже не могла подумать что это спортивные брюки!

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