Stay fit – no matter what

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Hi, beauties! How do you feel during late fall and winter? Do you lack the energy and mood to get anything done? Most people feel this way when it is getting grayer, colder, and darker outside. During this time, it is said that you should surround yourself with all the things that give you the feeling of coziness and warmth. There is a lot to read about on this point on the Internet (also on my blog, e.g. in this post with advice on how to get through fall & winter). But somehow there isn’t that much to find about even more important things like diet and physical activity. There are two very important issues, especially in fall and winter, when the body is already stressed and needs proper support. With a balanced diet and workout, you gain energy and stay healthy and fit. But how can you motivate yourself to be active when it’s so cold and rainy outside or another lock-down is around the corner? Right, with practical fitness tips!


The essentials you won´t want to miss any more

The good thing about smaller sports accessories is the fact that you can use them to train effectively both at home and in the gym. Some time ago, I bought adjustable weights, dumbbells, and elastic bands as well as a fitness ball. All those things are so easy to use and don´t take up much space. These little helpers are my best sports friend, especially now when all gyms are closed in Germany. You won’t imagine how effective elastic bands can be, e.g. for the legs and your butt. There are so many different exercises that it never gets boring. So, just try it and get started.



When you’re ready for more

Shortly before the first lock-down in the spring this year, we bought an elliptical. Although I was quite skeptical at first, I have to say that in our case it was so worth it. Since then, the elliptical has been used regularly and I can hardly imagine not having it anymore. The best thing is, I don’t even have to go outside, and I can still do my cardio. A dream come true. From my own experience, I can only encourage you to buy a fitness machine that is right for you. If you have enough room at home, you won’t regret it.



The mood is crucial

Sometimes all you need to get up from the couch is music. Turn on your favorite music and get started. It is always practical to create your own playlists, so you have something suitable immediately, no matter what the occasion is. But if you don’t really know what music goes with a workout or a cardio session, there is a very easy solution. There are numerous sport playlists on both Spotify and YouTube. Just look at these platforms for the right music, turn it on, and have fun. No matter what you choose, a few essentials or a professional fitness machine, the main thing is that you consciously support your body and do something for it today.


In this way, you no longer have to work on your summer body in spring, because doing so, you are always in shape and feel fit and healthy. Let´s support our bodies instead of continuously running them down.

Stay healthy & fit,

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