Stereotypes and prejudges about beauty & fashion bloggers

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Probably, there is no other segment where different prejudices and tails are so wide-spread than in the fashion and beauty sphere. Many people who don´t even know what a blogger job looks like, think that you cannot earn money with it or this kind of job is not a real job. Others think that all the things that female bloggers do is making a duck-face for a selfie in Instagram. But who is a fashion and beauty blogger? What are the main prejudices and stories about them? What is true and what is not?

Beauty and fashion bloggers are all rich

This stereotype is very popular and comes from numerous pictures on Instagram. But in real life, there are just several bloggers who became very successful with their blogs. These bloggers get very profitable cooperation offers and luxury pieces as a gift. Still, it´s very seldom and barely possible for many others. Most of the girls showing only a brand clothing are affluent in their life without a blog. In the reality, many talented and interesting bloggers don´t have a star life, even if they get well paid for their job.



Beauty & fashion bloggers have Instagram-like apartments and houses

This stereotype is a lie in almost 100% of cases. Very often, bloggers have a normal average domicile with no designer having given finishing touches to the interior. Still, many of us have some stylish and beautiful pieces of furniture which look pretty on pictures. Some even rent suitable locations where everything is very stylish and luxurious.




Beauty & fashion bloggers get everything for free

Another, very popular story under readers and watchers. Of course, some products and fashion pieces are a part of the cooperation with a brand. Still, the bloggers purchase many things themselves. As for me, I order many makeup items which are new and interesting to me. Same thing with the clothing I fall in love with. Even the most popular bloggers who get PR mails from numerous brands, cannot get everything and buy things themselves. I spend pretty much on makeup, skin care, and clothing every month and tell you my experiences with all of these products. It´s a kind of never ending circle.

Blogging is not a real job

To me, it´s one of the worst prejudges I´ve heard. Some people who don´t even know how this kind of occupation looks like, believe that bloggers don´t work and get money for nothing. Still, even those who don´t think so don´t realize how much work a professional blogger invests in his or her job. Good and suitable pictures must be taken, chosen, and edited. A qualitative text should also be written. After having published the blog post, it´s time to place it on all social media platforms and different websites. I personally write in three languages which means that I need more time for every blog post. Mostly I also edit pictures myself. So, I spend many hours each day on my blog. Blogging is a job I don´t really have a vacation from. I need to write and publish regularly for my readers. It doesn´t matter, whether I´m at home or traveling.



I´m wearing: overall by Jaspal / sandals by Office London / sunglasses by Michael Kors /  bracelet by Swarovksi / ring by Swarovski /



Fashion bloggers possess everything they wear in the blog

Well, when it´s something inexpensive, it belongs to bloggers for sure. Still, if you see a blogger wearing only luxury clothing and accessories, it´s possible that this stuff has just been borrowed. Even the most popular fashion bloggers get some very expensive pieces just for a photo shooting. I remember how German fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick told about her having been robbed. She was spending some days in the South and wanted to take pictures for her future blog posts. All the expensive clothing had been robbed out of her car. By the way, all this clothing was given to her by different brands just for the planned photo shootings. She didn’t possess it. Additionally, not many people are able to purchase a bag by every famous brand every season.




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What stories and stereotypes did you hear about beauty & fashion bloggers?

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