Super aqua eye serum by Guerlain – review

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Probably everyone knows that the eye area is very thin. It´s about 0,4 millimeters, that’s why the first fine lines appear in that area. To avoid the early fine lines one should pay attention to the right skin care. You are 20, there is not much to do, just find a nice hydrating eye cream. But if you are 30, you should add an extra step in your daily skin care routine, a good eye serum. As the condition of my eye area is still quite good while looking for an eye serum I wanted a better hydration for my skin and a little bit more of plumping for my first fine lines. I read a lot about numerous eye serums in order to find the right one. I decided for the “Super Aqua” by Guerlain. As I have been using it for about 2 months, I want to share with you my experience with this product.

Guerlain Aqua eye serum

Why did I decide for the “Super Aqua – Eye Serum” by Guerlain?

I focused my attention on the products for hydration in the first line and not for anti-aging. Unfortunately, my eye cream doesn´t hydrate my skin the way I want it. Additionally, I would love to smooth my fine lines without using some ingredients for mature skin.

The packaging of the product, as probably every high-end product, is very qualitative and beautiful. The little bottle made of deep-blue glass will be a nice eye-catcher on every vanity. The pump on the bottle lets the product be applied more comfortable and in the right amount without getting too much of it.

Guerlain Aqua eye serum 3

As I first tried this eye serum I found it great as a hydrating product but I didn’t notice any changes in my fine lines. Only after having been using it for almost two weeks regularly (both in the morning and in the evening) I noticed that they became much smoother. Of course, they didn´t disappear completely, but my skin became much firmer and the fine lines less noticeable.

Speaking of the price, I have to admit that the product is quite expensive, about 90 EUR. Yes, it´s a lot of money, but as I found out, the eye serums for 15 EUR don´t show any comparable results. If you want to purchase a product which will keep its promises of a firm and hydrated eye area, you should dip into your purse. There is no need to buy the most expensive one but the good ones cost between 60 and 150 EUR.

Guerlain Aqua eye serum 4


The eye serum “Super Aqua” by Guerlain is a great product. Will it smooth all your fine lines? No, it won´t. But still, it will make them less visible and your skin much firmer, which is a great feeling. I would recommend you this eye serum in case you can make it financially. Though the product is quite expensive, only one pump is enough to apply underneath both eyes, so you can use it for quite a long time. This eye serum will be repurchased by me for sure.

Guerlain Eyeserum 1

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