Superficiality & unreliability #realtalk

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Sometimes I feel as if I was the only person who keeps my word and takes promises of other people seriously. I was taught to not give empty promises myself if I wasn´t sure to keep them. Useless chatter pisses me off. That´s why I always tried to keep such people at bay. Unfortunately, nowadays there are way too many chatters and boasters who are very superficial and unreliable. I am always pretty honest on my blog, so, I decided to share with you my thoughts about this issue too.

Why to promise anything what you´re not even serious about?

Maybe I´m too naive but I believe what I am promised. I feel the same when there are any arrangements, appointments or events concerning my blog. Though, I´ve been noticing that some people don´t see it this way. The worst thing is that such people reach out to me and start making plans with me. It can be a blogger lunch, a photo shooting or just a private event. To make it clear, I never expect anything too big. Things sound great sometimes but just in theory. In fact, all that happens sometimes after is absolutely nothing. Mostly, they some characters do not even tell me that our planned appointments won´t take place. There is just silence. It´s interesting because I also had such an experience with a quite big skincare brand. To me, it´s very unprofessional. It wouldn´t be so frustrating if I wasn’t contacted upfront. Everything I want is reliability and professionalism. That´s it. I´m not a teenie girl to have time for such a chatter and things like that really make me freak out. What do you think about this topic?

Denim Look oder die 80er mit Attitude

From letting off some steam to the more pleasant things of this post. For a long time, I had been looking for an oversized denim jacket. Unfortunately, I couldn´t find anything to my liking because I had a definite image in my head. Recently, I was lucky enough to find the denim jacket of my dreams, though I actually gave it up. This piece has a great retro cut, looks very cool and is exactly how I wanted it to be. It reminded me of the wild 80´s which called for an 80´s inspired outfit. I paired it with a black turtleneck and blue mom-jeans. To remain in the retro style, I chose XXL earrings in the shape of a heart. To bring a little pop of color, I added my favorite velvet ankle boots by EGO. What do you think about this outfit? Are you into an 80´s mood?

I´m wearing: denim jacket by She In (hier) / turtleneck by Caliope / jeans by Envii (hier) / ankle boots by EGO / earrings by Bershka (hier) / 


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  1. alfonso
    22. March 2018 / 10:32

    Me gusta tu forma de vestir…un saludo desde Murcia.

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