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Those of you who had an experience with lash extensions know for sure in what a bad condition they are after it. I was kind of curious to try lash extensions and had them done for my coming trips. Actually, it turned out that I´m not a person who can wear them without any problem. I hated every moment I had been wearing them because I felt them on my eyes and they annoyed me the whole time. I counted the days until they all would fall off. Unfortunately, when I saw my lashes after that, I was shocked because I always had pretty long and thick lashes, but then they got so short and thin. Of course, I started to think about all possible ways to get my normal lashes back. This is how I discovered the “superlative lash” serum. As recommended, I used it for 6 weeks every night before going to bad. Here come my results and my review of this product which is supposed to change your lashes for the better.

Longer, thicker lashes in eight weeks

Everything one should do is applying the serum along the lash line once per day. The natural growth of lashes is supposed to be activated within six-eight weeks. Having lashes in a bad condition, I couldn´t wait until any results could be seen. I was very impatient about it. The first six weeks I could see practically nothing. But after eight weeks I finally started to notice that my lashes became thicker and longer.

The difference with the first picture before I started to use the serum and the second one was taken after eight weeks of using it may be slightly seen because my lashes are very light on the tips but it´s definitely there.

The real results can be seen in the pictures where I applied mascara. My lashes look so voluminous and long like they used to be before I had this crazy idea with lash extensions. Comparing it with a serum I used before (here) and got an allergic reaction, this product works amazing and I don´t get any redness along my lash lines. I´m very satisfied with how my lashes look and what results I could get. The feeling of having long and pretty lashes is indescribable, and I don´t to miss it anymore. So, I´m going to use further on.

(results after eight weeks of usage)

(results after eight weeks of usage with mascara)




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