Supreme frost highlighter by Jeffree Star Cosmetics – top or flop?

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In case you´re as big a fan of highlighters as I am, for sure, you know who Jeffree Star is. I thank that you can´t have enough of highlighters. Especially if you prefer an intense and expressive glow, there are new interesting launches every now and then, so there is always something new to discover. Speaking of the makeup products by Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I must say that I love this brand. Especially, I´m obsessed with their eyeshadows (reviews can be found here and here), lipsticks and of course, highlighters. That´s why I absolutely needed to try something from the brand-new collection supreme frost. I got one highlighter and used it for a while to make my impressions. Is it worth the whole hype? Let´s dig right in to find out.

jeffree_star_ supreme_frost_highlighter_money_honey_swatch_review

Supreme frost highlighters – the price, the packaging, first impressions

I picked one of the five colors. I decided for one of the most unusual and coolest ones, called money honey. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and ordered it at once (it was a VIP pre-sale). Choosing the highlighters by Jeffree Star, I always prefer something unique and interesting which I still miss in my makeup collection. In case you know the first highlighter collection skin frost, you know that each product is huge. I think it´s still the biggest highlighter I have. You only need to purchase it once and you can use it for the rest of your life. The newest ones are visibly smaller though. As Jeffree mentioned in his video to the collection, it´s because of the extremely high pigmentation of the product. You don´t need as much of it as with other highlighters, including the skin frost ones. The price also changed and not for the better. As we know the skin frost highlighters retail for about 18 EUR. The supreme frost ones, on the contrary, retail for 32 EUR which is much more. Jeffree also mentioned this issue in his video and explained that the ingredients for the collection are much more expensive and his brand tried to keep the price as low as it was possible. Well, it´s not a product on a budget for sure, but do I regret buying it? Hell, no!

Let´s skip to the packaging and design of the product. To me, it´s another absolutely amazingly-looking product. I love that it has a see-through cap which is useful, in case you have numerous shades. The edges of the cap and the bottom is made of metallic pink plastic. Another plus point is that it has a magnet lock. It means, no more broken nails and ruined manicure while trying to open the cap. I´m in love with the packaging, it´s convenient, pretty, and very stylish.

jeffree_star_ supreme_frost_highlighter_money_honey_swatch_review

jeffree_star_ supreme_frost_highlighter_money_honey_swatch_review

Money honey – quality, pigmentation, final thoughts

The first thing I want to say about this product is the fact that it´s made for the girls who love an intense glow. It´s innovative baked-gel texture makes your skin glow in a way you didn´t experience before. It´s kind of a dual chrome finish, which will look completely different depending on the light. The pigmentation is indeed so high that just one layer of the product will create a glow to the moon and back. As you can see in the pictures, the color I picked looks green when you look at it straight, but it transforms into a goldish one, once you look at it from the side.

jeffree_star_ supreme_frost_highlighter_money_honey_swatch_review

jeffree_star_ supreme_frost_highlighter_money_honey_swatch_review

Last but not least, my final thoughts about the new highlighters by Jeffree. They are definitely worth it in two cases. First of all, if you like an intense glow. Secondly, you want to try something absolutely new and unique. All fans of a naturally-looking glow won´t like it at all. In that case, highlighters by Jeffree Star are not your story at all. For all other glow queens out there, it´s a must-have.


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