Color in spring – a fleece shirt coat and what makes it so special

Color in spring – a fleece shirt coat …

Hi, beauties! We´ve waited for the spring so long that the weather we´ve been having makes it even more disappointing. Does May even know that it´s its turn and that we are just a few steps away from the summer?… View Post
Fashion Must-Haves: Camel coat

Fashion Must-Haves: Camel coat

The fashion world isn´t very constant and only a few things can be seen as semi-permanent. But a classic camel coat definitely belongs to such pieces. What makes it so unique and why should you choose this color? Here are… View Post
Fashion Evergreens: #2 white pants

Fashion Evergreens: #2 white pants

Hi, beauties! Most of us love to wear pants. Of course, they are so comfortable and yet so stylish. White pants and jeans are especially chic because they are able to transform any basic piece into a great casual outfit… View Post
Hello October! – It is time to find hobbies and activities at home

Hello October! – It is time to find …

Hi, beauties! Can you believe how quickly the year goes by? I am definitely not a fan fall fan. I´m kinda able to get along with September to a certain extent but starting with October I can hardly wait until… View Post
Autumn: it´s still high time to wear summer dresses

Autumn: it´s still high time to …

Hi, beauties! Although I'm not a big autumn fan, I think the first half of autumn is great. The time is perfect for great layering looks with various blazers, cardigans, and jackets. But it's still not that cold and you… View Post