The April beauty press box: unboxing

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The day when a new beauty box arrives is always a good one. I love that feeling of excitement when I open the box and don´t know what has been hiding in there. Boxes by beauty press are always filled with great new beauty stuff. This time the latest box is really great, and I love every single product in there. Let´s take a look inside!

Body milk by Jean d´Arcel

The brand Jean d´Arcel is not a new one for me because I already had a chance to get to know it in the beauty box by beauty press last February. This time, there is body milk from the new body care line Vénusté and a miniature of protective hand cream with the SPF 15 inside. This line is created for dry skin and gives it all hydration and nourishment it needs. Such ingredients as apricot seed oil and shea butter take the best possible care of dry skin and make it smooth and healthy. I love using it because my skin gets visibly better. Additionally, I loved trying the miniature of the hand cream and now I want to purchase the full-size product. Despite good nourishing qualities, this hand cream has an SPF which is significant for me during late spring and summer.

Cilamour rapide lash serum

All gals dream of long and voluminous lashes, right?! Though my lashes are quite long, I still want them to be even longer. That´s why I got very excited to have found this lash serum in the box. It is supposed to provide you with much longer lashes within a shorter time because of the concentrated version of the serum (it´s the rapide one which is not the same as the classic one). You only need to apply it once a day and shortly the results will be seen. That sounds just great, doesn´t it? Though I already started using it, I still need to wait until I notice the difference. This is why I decided to update this blog post in some weeks when I can present you my personal results. So, stay tuned for that! Another great thing about the serum that needs to be said it that it´s completely vegan and it doesn’t contain any chemical preservatives.

Self-tanning spray and kabuki brush by Revitasun

If you´re as fair as I am, you will understand for sure that I don´t want to be the palest person in town when the time of short skirts and shorts has come. That´s why a good self-tanner is a must-have for me. I don´t necessarily apply it on my whole body but my legs need to be on point. I must admit that I´m not that kind of a skilled self-tanner user and I have some issues with a bunge of products. It´s kind of complicated for me to apply them evenly so that I don´t look like a leopard or a watermelon. Still, I´ve been on my lookout for a product even I could use for so long. When I found the self-tanning spray by Revitasun in the current box, I was happy to try something new because I received another chance to finally get that product. I still can´t call myself the tamer of self-tanners but this spray looks well on me and I finally have tanned legs which look natural. I apply it with a tanning glove, and this is how it gets really great. The kabuki brush is also a great catch, especially when you need to apply the product on your face, hands or feet.

EasyChange by Keralock

The idea of the product is amazing because it allows you to change your hair color so easily and fast. All you need to do is applying the cream on our hair for about 25 minutes and voilà. The coolest thing is that it is doesn´t damage your hair. Though I would love to try this particular hair cream, the color I got in the box is not a match. Still, as a blond girl, I regularly use similar products because such toners are the main reason blondes look so luxurious. This bottle with the color golden brawn will go to my mom then.


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Face serum extrait liposomal by Louis Widmer

Another great product which was hiding in the box is the face serum by the Swiss brand Louis Widmer. The serum contains the vitamins A, C, E, and panthenol which help to stimulate the normal skin functions and neutralize free radicals. Of course, the skin also gets a great portion of hydration and gets smoother and plumper. Another great thing about this product is that it is completely fragrance-free. I personally like it in my skincare because some fragrances are very strong or annoying so that it´s barely possible to use them.

Tweezer by Erbe Solingen

In the February beauty box, I already got manicure scissors by the German brand Erbe Solingen and since then I´ve been using them non-stop. This time, I got a cute pink tweezer which is as qualitative as everything this brand produces. They are so comfy to work with and you can easily grip even the shortest hair with it. I simply love this item!




*Die Beautypressbox wurde mir von Beautypress zum Testen zugeschickt. Alle Meinungen sind allerdings meine eigenen und wurden auf keine Art und Weise beeinflusst.

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