The beautypress box – October 19 – unboxing and first impressions

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Hi, beauties! I´m coming back with another unboxing review and my first impressions from the October Beautypress box I recently got. Comparing it with other beauty boxes, I appreciate that the main focus is laid on the skin and body care. Such items are never enough and there is always something new to try out. Let´s take a look at all the beauty products which have been hiding in the black box of the month October.

Face lotion „lotion pureté“ by Jean D´Arcel

This soft lotion not only hydrates and cleanses the skin from all impurities but also takes off dead cells thanks to the AHA-acid. Using it for a longer time will make your skin smoother, more even, and will make it glow. I love how gentle and effective it is at the same time. It´s the product which makes the appearance look much better.

Face cleansing mousse by Jean D´Arcel

Another product by the high-quality brand from France is a soft cleansing mousse from the line “miratense”. It cleanses so softly that I can highly recommend it for a sensitive and dry skin. Though it cleanses to the pores, I don´t feel any tightness or other uncomfortable skin issues. At the moment I really enjoy using this cleansing mousse and will use it up until the last drop.

Ampules “in a second – vitamin power boost” by Eubos

First of all, I must say that I love using ampules every now and then. It´s a great additional step in my care routine for my dry skin. I was so happy to find these new ampules by Eubos in the box. Eubos belongs to my favorite pharmaceutical brands and everything I´d tried suited my skin just perfectly. The new ampules with vitamin C are specially made for dull and stressed skin. They energize the skin and make it fit as if after a nice vacation. I definitely can see how my skin changed for the better and got more glow.

Liquid Color Cushion by Trend It UP

I tried some makeup products by the brand Trend It UP and I didn´t like them at all. Unfortunately, this time was not different. The moment I saw this lip cushion, I got very excited because I really liked the idea. Still, the product looks so crappy on the lips and makes severe spots instead of an even color. Additionally, it looks as if I had dry and chipped lips which doesn´t look healthy, leave alone pretty. I won´t use this lip cushion anymore. Well, I still hope to try something great by this brand in the future.

Hair comb by Ebelin

What makes this hair comb so special is the fact that it´s made of 30% wood fibers and 70% of biological plastic. Though it´s supposed to have an antistatic effect, my hair doesn´t want to know about it. Well, the hair comb is something I personally can use in spring and summer. In fall and winter, my hair gets statically loaded which makes me look like a dandelion. That´s why I´ll keep it for warmer and sunnier days.

Regeneration face mask and lip balm by Similasan

As for the lip balm, it rescues even severely damaged and chapped lips and makes them smooth and hydrated. Natural ingredients like bee wax help to take the best possible care of the gentle lip skin. I have very dry lips so that only the most nourishing products can help me and this one does a really good job.

The face mask by Similasan is a natural product to hydrate, nourish, and improve the tension of the skin. Such ingredients like robinia seeds and hyaluronic acid visibly perfectionize the skin and give the real feeling of SPA at home.

Natural toothpaste by Orbimed

This is my first totally natural toothpaste and I already love it. It´s suitable for vegans, pregnant women, and people with gastrointestinal problems. The tube is also made of 100% renewable raw material sugar cane. The toothpaste has a nice and fresh taste and a very slight aroma. I prefer using it before going to bed because I like thinking that it may affect my teeth and my gum with vitamin V12 and turmeric for a longer period of time.

Perfume “mini crazy” by Ulric de Varens

The “mini” collection by the French brand got a new fragrance. This is such a sparkling-sweetish composition that brings citrus and currant as top notes switching to flowery notes of the rose, jasmine, and orange blossom at its heart. The base of the fragrance is a sweet and elegant one with the notes of tonka beans, caramel, and sandal wood. If you like girly scents with a flowery, slightly oriental depth, you should give this one a shot.




*The beauty box was sent to me by the service Beautypress. All opinions are mine own and were not sponsored. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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