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Since I wrote a blog post about my favorite Netflix series, I´ve been receiving the same questions to write more about interesting films and shows. I thought quite a bit before doing it, but then I decided to continue this topic with my favorite comedies which had not been way too popular on TV. None of them is younger than 10 years old but they all are still very good and hilarious. There is my short list of the oldies but goldies.

Interstate 60

The film is not exactly a traditional comedy because there are hilarious and dramatic moments. It tells the story about a young man who meets Mister O.W. Grant who convinces him to make a ride on the interstate 60 in order to find himself and gives him a magic 8 ball. The trip is full of crazy events which the young man has during his stops in little weird places, such as the city Euphoria, the Museum of Art Fraud or the lawyer town Morlaw. The main thing is that the interstate 60 doesn´t actually exist. Is everything what´s happening a dream or is it real? The main protagonist has a long way to go to learn the truth. Though the film is quite old, it still reflects our modern society with its lack of values and the way of living very well. Additionally, you´ll have a chance to look at young Kurt Russel. Would you say no?

The cable guy

The black comedy was made in 1996. The director of the film is an amazing Ben Stiller whom better know as an actor. It handles about a cable guy Chip Douglas who is played by Jim Carry. Chip is desperately lonely and tries to find friends. Though, he doesn´t understand that often he acts way too pushy, exaggerated, and inappropriate. One day, he gets to know a man who just moved into a new apartment. Chip helps him to overcome the painful split with his girlfriend and even to reconciliate with her again. But the way how his friendship is affected after that makes everything completely different. That’s why Chip decides to sabotage the life of his friend and gets even dangerous. Let´s be honest, Jim Carry makes every film hilarious. This one is not an exception. Though it´s strange that this film wasn’t so viral as it should have been. It belongs to my all-time favorites.


It´s another black comedy as the name already reveals. The film is an absolute must for all who loves a good and black humor. The story begins when all people turn into zombies and only a few of them are still alive. By coincidence, four people get together and decide to drive in one car until they arrive in California. So, the people who can hardly stand each other in the beginning turn to a family who take care of each other. You definitely need to watch this film, especially if you´re a fan of Emma Stone or Jessy Eisenberg. Bill Murray is also a guest in the film. So, it´s definitely worth it.

School of rock

The comedy is absolutely incredible because of the amazing Jack Black. It´s hilarious and kind at the same time. It doesn´t matter, whether you´re a kid, or an adult, rock fan, or not, you will most likely enjoy the film. The main protagonist is broke and needs money to pay his debts back. He is also a passionate rocker and plays in a rock band. Though, the band members decide to kick him out just a few months before the battle of the bands’ competition. This is how he gets an idea to impersonate himself as his housemate who is a substitute teacher. He sees very quickly how talented the kids in the class he is working in are. So, instead of giving them lessons, he creates a new rock band and rehearses with the kids secretly. The moment he thinks they have all the chances to take place in the competition and win the parents of the kids learn what is going on in the class. Jack Black get serious troubles and the participation in the battle of the bands is running into danger.

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