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A nice eye care is very important to me. Unfortunately, it´s not so easy to find a great product which will really help against fine lines, dark circles, and other imperfections. As I was amazed by the quality of all skin care products by Skyn Iceland I tried, I decided to give two eye care products by the brand a shot and see, whether they could impress me as much as other products did. I tested an eye serum and the eye patches and want to tell you in detail why they happened to be the best products I´ve ever tried.

Brightening Eye Serum

I tried so many both expensive and budget eye serums. The best of them hydrated my eye area pretty well but didn´t do anything spectacular. The plumping and firming effects remained only promises on the packaging. That´s why I didn´t expect too much of this product. Though, holding the little bottle in my hand for the first time I noticed that the expiration date was only 3 months. To me, it´s a proof that the ingredients are truly natural because they don´t hold longer than that. The serum has a practical pipette to make the application easier. I also need to say some extra words concerning the packaging of all products by Skyn Iceland. It´s very qualitative, nice and even funny. Every product has a description of the lifestyle which could lead to the problems it actually works against. I like reading them because it´s fun.

Speaking of the serum, it literally blew my mind away. I´m so impressed with it. Even after having applied it for the first time I could feel and see how much smoother, nicer and firmer my eye area had become. Though the product is supposed to fight against crows feet, I was kind of skeptical. To my big surprise, it really worked and I definitely could see how great my eye area looked. I use it twice a day because it´s great and also because there is a big amount of product which you wouldn’t be able to be through within three months. The eye serum retails for about 25 EUR which is a fair price regarding its quality. I will definitely repurchase it because I love how it works and I see the difference.

Hydro Cool Eye Firming Gels

Eye patches are my life saviors each time I slept badly or not enough or treated myself with a cocktail the other night. Unfortunately, I easily get swollen eyes and eye bags which are a horror for every one of us. I heard many good things about the eye patches by Skyn Iceland and wanted to try them myself. The best thing about them is the fact that you get one big package with 6 pairs of patches packed separately. This makes them perfect to have them on the go. The way of application is quite standard. You just need to let them work on your eye area within 10 minutes and then gently pull them off. I don´t want to exaggerate it, but the patches are perfect. They really work wonders because eye bags disappear as if using a magic wand. It´s also recommended to use them in combination with the eye serum, which I did. It´s a great team which makes your eye area way smoother, firmer and plumper. I´m so hooked on these products and can´t even imagine my life without them anymore.



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