The best foundations for dry skin

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Hi, beauties! Actually, if you happened to have normal skin, finding a good foundation shouldn´t be a big deal. But if you have sensitive skin that reacts to everything and especially to the seasonal weather changes, it could be a complicated mission. My skin gets way too sensitive sometimes which causes the feeling of tightness, redness, and dryness. This is why I always pay attention to the best possible skincare routine during winter. My current skincare routine can be found here. Still, even if you make everything possible to get your skin nourished and hydrated, it doesn´t mean that your makeup will look nice. I tested it myself.

During the last years, I´ve been testing so many different foundations. I think that I can even write a book about them 😊. Now, I´m happy to have found a bunch of the products I can rely on in every situation and skin condition. These foundations look nice on my skin even if it´s super dry at the moment and don´t exaggerate dry spots which is very important. The good thing is that there are both budget and high-end products. So that everyone will find the best foundation according to the needs and the amount of money they want to spend. Let me give you some details of every foundation which are always on my makeup vanity.

Luminous & Smooth by Maybelline

This foundation has a super light texture, but it works wonder. Usually, dry skin is quite dull and doesn´t have any luminosity. This is what this foundation does. It makes the skin look healthy, radiant, and even. I love using this product as a day makeup. Though I love a radiant and glowy appearance, I still prefer to set it a little bit with loose powder on the T-zone just to make sure that my glow shows on the right parts of my face. Speaking of the price, it´s a nice budget product under 10 EUR. You just can´t go wrong with this one.

Skin foundation SPF 15 by Bobbi Brown

Another great, light-textured product with a light to medium coverage which is perfect for daily makeup. The best thing about Bobbi Brown is that they always put the same shade numbers on their foundations. So, knowing your shade you can order a new foundation without even trying it out. You can be sure that the shade will match your skin. This foundation looks super naturally on the skin, covers small imperfections, and has an SPF of 15. Well, maybe it´s not that much, but it´s better than nothing, especially in wintertime.

Backstage by Dior

This one belongs to my favorites. The foundation was specially created for the runway and can be used both on the face and body. It has medium coverage, but you can easily layer it up for a more intense coverage. Using it, you´ll get a healthy, even finish. I just love how light it feels on the skin and how perfect the shade matches my skin tone. By the way, there is a broad range of shades so that everyone will find their perfect match. Though the product has no pump, it´s still very practical and comfy in usage. Surprisingly, this is the only foundation among natural-looking ones, that doesn´t get shiny even if I don’t set it with a powder at all. My makeup always looks great with it ´til the moment I remove it. The backstage foundation is on a high-end side but to me, it´s worth every single cent.

HD liquid coverage by Catrice

This foundation is the most affordable on the list. Despite it, I love it so much and I even repurchased it for the third time. It´s also the only full-coverage foundation I mention here. Full-coverage products are mostly made for combination or oily skin. So, it´s not that easy to find something that will look nice on dry skin and wouldn´t dry the hell out of it even more. Speaking of this foundation, it´s perfect for all the occasions when you must look your best. I mostly use it for photo shootings and events. Surprisingly, this product is super light-textured (for a full-coverage product) and easy to use. A thin layer lets all the imperfections disappear and the makeup looks as natural as it probably can be with such kind of a foundation. The only thing I don´t like about it is its packaging. The pipette can be tricky to use, and the product may land on your clothes. So, be aware of it. Still, the foundation is so nice that I can easily live with it. Additionally, it costs only 7 euro, which is more than fair.

Though this product is amazing it still may dry your skin out a little bit depending on its condition. When I get this problem, I simply add a drop of any face oil to the foundation and apply it as usual. It looks great, doesn´t get patchy, and my skin feels much better.

My lifehack: if you have a dry skin, foundation brushes are not the best tools for you. They mostly put up all dry skin cells you have on your face and make them more visible. My usual foundation lifehack is using a damp beautyblender and applying the foundation in dabbing motions. Doing this will blend out your foundation perfectly and seal all the dry spots making them less visible.

What are your holy-grail foundations? Share them in the comments!


Love, Daria


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  1. 1. February 2020 / 13:07

    Such a helpful post! I love the Bobbi Brown foundation but haven’t tried any of the others!
    Love the tip about adding a drop of facial oil! Thank you 🙂
    Julia x

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