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Nowadays the quality of the pictures we take got very important. It doesn´t matter, whether you publish your pictures on Social Media or keep them private, we all want them to be special and individual. That´s why many people experiment with numerous applications for picture editing. Though, it´s not that simple to find the right editing application among a huge variety of possible choices. Additionally, many apps are not free for download and in case you´re ready to pay for it, you want to be sure that it´s worth it. In today´s post, I´m going to share with you some of my favorite editing apps I personally use and which I would recommend to everyone.


The app (here) offers a great variety of interesting filters, e.g. in the retro style. Additionally, you can find numerous flare effects and overlays there. Grains, color shifts, noises, and color ombrés are great to make your picture look unique and even editorial-like. I like using it for nature pictures or pictures taken in the sun. Flares look awesome on the pictures where sun rays are to be seen. The best thing about the app is that you can increase or decrease almost every effect so that it totally suits your picture. The app is free to download but this will let you use only separate options. In order to get an excess to all functions, you´ll have to pay 6.49$ per month for a subscription. I personally use the free version because there are still enough great options there to play with.


Who hasn’t heard about this app? Not for nothing, the VSCO (here) app is so popular. The app has a wide range of incredible effects. Every picture can be edited, the saturation, composition, clarity, and other parameters can be changed. Additionally, there are numerous filters which will make every picture look professional. Though many of the stylistic filters must be paid for (separately for every package), still, there are many great ones which are free to download. I personally love using a free filter called HB1. It makes my pictures very cool toned which I like and prefer for my Instagram profile. In case you still didn´t try this app, you definitely should do it now.


This is the weirdest application (here) from all on this list. I´m sure that it´s because of the fact that it´s an Asian one. For Europeans, there are way too many crazy things and functions there. Even the masks in the program are extremely strange and unusable for us. Still, I like using this app because of the makeup function. This could be interesting for you in case you want to edit your portrait or selfie pictures. You can make accents on your face, e.g. your eyes or reduce dark circles under the eyes. I mostly use only one function called “smooth”. Though, this function may be tricky in case you use it wrongly. If you increase it way too much, your skin will look very unnatural but using it only up to 4% (which is how I use it), will leave your skin almost untouched but will make the colors on the pic brighter and deeper. The app can be downloaded for free.


This app (here) is one of my must-haves because there are amazing functions and ways to edit and perfect every picture. You can change the perspective, the white balance or edit separated parts of the picture using the “selective” mode. Additionally, there are numerous interesting and great-looking effects, like vintage, drama, grunge, and drains. It´s such a nice way to try hundreds of things out and find your own style. The application can be purchased for 4-5 EUR which is ok for all the stuff you get.

Photo Lab

Though the app (here) is free to download, the coolest features must be purchased. For 5 EUR you´ll get numerous effects and masks. Many of them are very creative and unique. I would recommend this app only in case you need a portion of extra creativity and are eager to try something new. You can edit your pictures in a traditional way but there are many other options. So, you can make your picture look like a piece of art. A pop art look, a wood carving art look and many other versions to change your picture are there. Additionally, you can make a GIF from every picture or add a funny mask. Wanna be Daenerys Targaryen? It´s not a problem with the Photo Lab. Of course, many of these masks and filters are just for fun, but you´ll like it.

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