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Who didn´t hear anything about great shopping deals last week? I assume that even the people who didn´t want to purchase anything couldn´t completely stay away from Black Friday. I must say that this time I wasn´t in a shopping mood at all. I also didn´t have any material wishes. Still, I got some purchases. Surprisingly for a beauty & fashion blogger, I didn´t do any beauty & fashion hauls at all. The reasons why will be mentioned down below.

The Black Friday: a great chance to save money or a skillful rip-off

I know that the concept of the black Friday in the US is quite different, so, in this post I speak only about Europe. I also don´t think that all online-platforms and stores play a false game. Still, many of them manipulate their deals and offers to sell the things they want to sell and not for you to purchase what you want. Of course, if you find anything you wanted to buy and get an additional discount, that´s great. Last year, I could save some money because the items I wanted to buy for the full price had been given a huge discount on. But very often, it´s quite different. Did you notice that some pieces are unavailable on black Friday, but you can find them again on the next day after the best deals of the year are over? I discovered another trick many stores do, it´s giving a product a small discount a couple of days before the Black Friday. As you know, amazing shopping deals often do not apply for already reduced items. I personally wanted to buy some skincare items I´d run out of but found that almost all of them had a small discount which meant that I couldn´t save my promised 20% of the price. Additionally, often stores give us such amazing discounts for the pieces from older collections and even remove new collections from the shelves. Don´t get me wrong, if you find anything you always wanted to have and save some money, go for it. Still, purchases which had been made because of the shopping frenzy are simply ridiculous and don´t bring you any satisfaction.

I looked around several online beauty and fashion stores and didn´t find anything I would want to spend my money on. Well, I purchased a couple of things on Amazon but I didn´t save a penny on them. Actually, I bought them just because I had been having them in my shopping cart for a while and needed them. I think that Black Friday would have been over for me with just those items if I hadn´t discovered the teaching platform Udemy. I looked through numerous video courses and bought four of them. I found a great photography at night course, some useful information about WordPress and social media management. I´m sure that every person should learn new things constantly to become better in life. That’s why I bought them and consider buying some more. I also could save money on them and I’m happy to have spent cash on something that will help and motivate me to succeed. Well, this black Friday was rich on purchases, but not material ones.

What did you find on Black Friday?            

Floral prints make every season prettier

As I told you in my previous fashion post, it´s very easy to transform your summer pieces into fall and winter outfits. You don´t need much to make them look and be warm and cozy. I had been wearing this cute floral dress all summer long and you can find it on my blog. Recently, I realized that I want to put it on and I don´t care, whether it´s cold outside. I love having some style breaks in my outfits, that´s why I decided for an oversized pilot jacket. Such an oversized piece makes you look even thinner than you actually are. This trick works with everyone’s body type, provided you have a slim fit dress or a skirt underneath. Please, don´t mix up a slim fit with the pieces which are so tight that you can barely breathe. I added black overknees to the outfit to make it look more fall-suitable and cozy. By the way, overknees work perfectly with flattering summer dresses in the midi length and create a lovely fall and even winter-like combination. I personally prefer the suede optic because it looks more elegant and not too offensive. Still, it´s up to you what your outfit is all about.

I´m wearing: dress by Na-Kd / jacket by Na-Kd / overknees by Buffalo



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