The blue blood eyeshow palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics – the full review

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Hi, beauties! Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of the brands who regularly launches new gorgeous beauty products. At the end of last year, we fell in love with his sparkling Holliday collection and an amazing “alien” eyeshadow palette (see the whole review of the palette here). Now, just a few months later there is another huge launch, the “blue blood” collection. Though I´ve never been a huge fan of blue shades after watching a reveal of the palette on YouTube, I was sure that I absolutely needed it. My palette arrived only a couple of days ago, but I already could test and try it out. Now, I´m ready to share with you all the details about this unique eyeshadow palette and answer the most important question: whether it´s worth purchasing and who really needs it. So, let´s hop direct into it!

The packaging:

All my Jeffree Star Cosmetics reviews start with the review of the packaging because it´s always something super special and unique. We already saw the palette in a snakeskin faux leather look, a gorgeous palette with an alien face and 3D eyes. The brand-new eyeshadow palette is not an exception to this rule. It´s also very creative, qualitative, and fun. The blue blood palette is a combination of a casket and a coffin. Well, it may sound scary, but it looks super pretty. The case even has a traditional casket lock with a tiny star logo element on it. The colors are blue and white and it´s so lovely. Once you open the case, you´ll find a big mirror inside which is so big that you practically can do all your makeup using it. The packaging of the palette deserves the highest compliments because of its quality, prettiness, and creativity.


A gorgeous packaging like this makes the eyeshadow palette a very pretty accessory for your makeup vanity. I already placed mine there and I love how it looks like.


Though the packaging is very pretty, it´s quite bulky which make it a palette for working at home with. It´s just too big to take it on trips or vacations. I would also feel uneasy fearing the shades could break while transporting the palette.

The quality, pigmentation, special features

Purchasing the blue blood eyeshadow palette, you´ll get 18 shades which is a lot. Though as the name of the palette reveals, the main accent was put on blues shades, there are many others, even the warm-toned ones. There are 5 metallics, 12 matte shades, and one pressed pigment. Speaking of the blue shades, you´ll find everything starting with a soft mint shade, finishing with a dark navy-blue one. Additionally, there are light matte eyeshadows in the palette which are perfect as a transition shade or simply as a kind of different makeup, not related to the blue tones.

The quality of the eyeshadows doesn’t differ from other products by Jeffree Star, it´s amazing. All shades are highly pigmented but very buttery and easy to blend. Speaking of the pigment in the palette, as every traditional pigment (whether a loose or a pressed one), to apply it correctly and to avoid it from falling out, you should wet your application brush with a makeup spray. Though, it´s nothing special to this exclusive palette, just to all pigments in general.

The blue blood palette: does every beauty junkie need it?

Like every other beauty product by Jeffree Star Cosmetics, this one is not for everybody. If you like blue shades and use them in your makeup, you will be happy to have it for sure. All makeup artists out there will also have a great time and amazing makeups with it. Still, if you are a nude makeup lover or you only want it because you fell in love with just a few shades, get your hands off this eyeshadow palette. It´s not your product. As I already told you, I´m not a huge fan of the color blue but I like making some colorful accents with the blues. That´s why I´m happy to have in my collection.




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  1. 14. April 2019 / 11:28

    I’m not normally a blue eyeshadow wearer but the shades in here are so unique and pair together so well! It looks like a palette worth the investment xx

    • Daria
      14. April 2019 / 18:52

      Same with me, dear Sam. I didn´t wear any blue eyeshadows until I got my hands on this palette.

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