The “feel good” box by Jean d´Arcel – full review

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Hi, beauties! I don´t know what you think, but I just hate November. To me, it´s the most challenging month of the year because my body literally doesn´t understand when it´s morning or evening time. It´s just nasty, dark, rainy, and uncomfortable outside. Such weather calls for coziness and chill. Fortunately, there are many ways to make it a little bit better even if you don´t have time or cash for an expensive vacation in the sunny South, e.g. the beauty box “feel good” by Jean d´Arcel which is filled with everything a cozy night may need. Let´s dig directly into it, to find out what it´s all about!

Soft socks

Warm and cozy socks belong to every fall and winter night. I cannot live without them. Mostly, I wear such soft socks even in bed because they make me feel much cozier. Another brownie point is that they maximize the effect of the feet cream. You didn´t know that?! Well, just apply your feet cream on your feet and put on the socks. The next morning you´ll get them as soft as of a baby. I promise!

Creme de Nuit – night cream

The night cream is my favorite product in the box. It makes my skin so smooth and plump. Though the texture is rich, it is absorbed within seconds and doesn´t leave an unpleasant, oily layer on the skin. Such ingredients like caviar extract, marine spring water, and corn extract nourish the skin deeply and refine its structure. This cream is definitely a product to repurchase.

Harmony cream bath

The relaxing bath cream is a must-have for cold evenings. It not only relaxes to the core, but it also nourishes your skin. Such ingredients like avocado, almond, macadamia nut, olive, and sesame oil help you feel great and make your skin beautiful. Only 10-20 minutes soaking in the bath tube will make you feel as if you´ve had a nice day at a spa. This is how the right unwinding program should start.

Huile contour corps – body oil

Even on warm days I prefer rich textures to take care of my body because my skin is quite dry. For late fall and winter body butters and body oils are my must-haves. The body oil by Jean d´Arcel is enriched with natural ingredients to give the skin the most possible nourishment when it´s cold outside and dry air inside doesn´t make it any better. I love using it in before going to bed because the next morning I get such a smooth and soft skin to die for.

Masque énergie – energy face mask

This face mask helps to visibly improve vitality and natural glow of the skin. Not only does it give a great portion of hydration, but also stimulates the cell renewal and cell metabolism thanks to one of the most effective beauty ingredients Q10. Additionally, it´s always great to unwind for 10 minutes while the energy mask is working on your face.

What beauty rituals are your must-haves in late fall and winter?






*The „Feel Good“ box  had been sent to me by Jean d´Arcel, All opinions are my own and had not been affected in any way. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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