The holiday collection by Jeffree Star – alien palette / velour lipsticks

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The holiday season is perfect for trying and purchasing brand-new limited holiday collections by our favorite brands. Actually, I didn´t want to splurge on anything this year until I saw the presentation of the new collection by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I absolutely fell in love with the Alien eyeshadow palette and needed it in my life. I ordered it and two liquid lipsticks on the launch day, but I had to wait more than a month for my purchase to arrive. Finally, I can share with you my thoughts concerning the palette and the lipsticks. Is it worth the splurge and hunting after?

The alien eyeshadow palette: the packaging

Those of you who read my previous reviews of the products by Jeffree Star Cosmetics know how much I love them. The packaging of all products I have is gorgeous and I ´m constantly daydreaming about it. It´s always unique and extraordinary. The eyeshadow palette looks like a pink alien head made of eco leather. The eyes of the alien have a 3D effect which looks extremely cool. The palette also has a big mirror but because of the unusual form of the packaging, it´s quite inconvenient to use it. That´s the only thing I can criticize in this cool looking palette.

Eyeshadows: quality and pigmentation

The palette contains 18 shades. Some of them are matte, the others are shimmery. Of course, there are some active metallics too. First, you might think that the shades are way too extraordinary to purchase the palette, but those doubts will disappear the moment you´ll try to do your makeup with it. Of course, green shades are meant not for everybody but still, it´s great to have them. Additionally, there are many other shades to create a cool eye makeup. I personally never used green shades but was excited to change it. I was positively surprised how the colors look on my eyes and I really enjoyed it. All shades have an amazing quality as all eyeshadows by Jeffree Star do. They are extremely well pigmented but still very easy to blend and build up. I love the fact that there are both basic and unique shades in one palette. I love the following most: alien, interstellar, UFO, moon rock, and probe because of how amazingly shimmery and metallic they are. If you like adding new colors to your makeup, this palette is the must-have for you.

Holiday velour lipsticks

In the holiday velour lipstick collection contains 8 new shades. I decided for two of them, the neutral shade “can´t relate” and the festive red one, called “Hi, how are ya?”. Speaking of the packaging, these lipsticks are the prettiest I´ve ever seen. Still, I´m not as satisfied with the quality of the lipsticks as I thought I would. I have numerous lipsticks from the velour line and I always love everything about them. Speaking of the shade “can´t relate”, I noticed that it dries out my lips much more than any other nude shade by Jeffree Star actually does. I don´t know, maybe it´s because of the weather outside but still, my favorite nude shade “celebrity skin” doesn´t cause such dryness. To me, it feels like a new formula which I like less than the original one. The second shade is also not my favorite. It´s pretty but it´s so pigmented that stays like a tint on your lips and doesn´t go off. I tried everything to remove the rests from my lips, but nothing worked. Wearing it in the evening, I still had a red tint on my lips the next morning. I can highly recommend you try the alien palette, but these lipsticks are not my coolest catch. I really don´t understand why they feel so different to me and I hope the original formula won´t be replaced in all shades.


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  1. Mary
    26. December 2018 / 15:02

    So in love with all that colors! Thanks for such a cool review!


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