The hottest trends of spring/summer 2019

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According to the calendar, the spring has started but there is still time until we finally can wear all the fluttering pieces we have been craving so much. Having the spring just around the corner means purchasing new, trendy pieces for a great start into the greatest fashion season the S/S 2019. But how can you decide what trends are the best for you under so many options out there? What trends are worth being the part of your spring/summer wardrobe? In this blog post, I decided to provide the answers to these questions and prepared the coolest options for the coming season. If you are looking for the greatest and newest trends, here we go.

Hello, Asia

Silk, Asian prints and cuts are on the top of the fashion list in the coming season. Kimonos, blazers, and coats decorated with traditional Asian flowers, drawings and symbols will make you the trendiest person on the streets of your town. So many designers put such pieces into their current collections that it won´t be a problem to find a piece to your liking and on your budget.

 How to wear the Asian trend?

This trend is very active and colorful (in most cases) on its own. That´s why you should keep in mind that wearing such pieces, you need to remain in balance. So, choosing an Asian blazer or a coat, keep the rest of your outfit neutral or even basic. By the way, a silk kimono can be worn as a part of one of our most favorite trends from last year, the sport- and bathleisure. Find inspiration on how to style such a look here.

Flower power

Who would even imagine floral prints getting trendy this spring again 😊?! Still, florals are probably the truest and best options for this season just because they match nature waking up in its beauty. This spring, florals go even further because the trend is the more flowers in your outfit, the better. Floral prints are to find everywhere including the most unusual and trendiest styles like brocade suits and dresses in Victorian style. If you want to get the real fashionista, such a cute retro dress is what you need his season.

Can you hear a hissing noise? – Snakeskin print

Last fall was rich with animal prints. The coming spring, they must make some room for one of the trendiest prints of the season, the snakeskin. You can find it basically on every possible piece, like dresses, tops, and pants. Still, if you don´t belong to such daring natures, you can simply stick to accessories with a snakeskin print. I personally purchased amazing pumps, a saddle bag, and a snakeskin silk scarf for myself.

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Leather: beige or black, you decide

I´m personally very happy about the fact that leather is still at the top of the current trends. There are so many options to chose from this time. If you like something hard-looking, you can stick to black vinyl leather. Otherwise, there are amazing beige combinations which look very soft and elegant. One of the biggest leather trends is wearing total-leather-looks. They can be black, beige or whatever color you prefer. Some designers created even the neon options for those who are risky enough. This spring, you can really let off steam.

Huge bows, pleats, XXL ruffles, and Co. 

This spring, accents get so much bigger than we know them. Such things like huge bows, ruffles, pleats, sleeves or XXL hats are so popular that there is barely a chance to do without at least some of them this spring and summer. Pick something you personally like the most and keep in mind that active details need to be balanced in order to elevate your outfit and to look weird.


I´m beyond happy that cargo is in again because I absolutely love this trend. Those practical pants with side pockets and extremely comfy and look so cool. Still, this spring this trend goes even further. There are cargo shorts, dresses, overalls, and skirts to experiment with. By the way, cargo pants can help you get the butts of your dreams because they optically create more volume and make your waist look smaller at the same time. I already have three pairs of such pants and I love them.

Monochromatic looks

Those of you who like neutrals are the happy ones because with the colors white and beige they can be very trendy too. To make those colors look super trendy, all you need to do is a style a monochromatic outfit, a white or a beige one. Numerous designers showed the monochromatic white outfits in a minimalistic way. The key is wearing less to none accessories and concentrating on cuts, forms and details of the chosen white pieces. Speaking of the color beige, you can simply get a nice suite in that color. Cropped pants and the blazer which looks like it belongs to your boyfriend is the trendiest combination of all.

Elegant dots 

If you still don´t have any dotted pieces in your wardrobe you should change it as fast as you can. Dots are practically everywhere. You can pick the classic white-black or the black-white combinations or make the statement with something catchy and colorful. Numerous designers showed both classical and unusual versions of this pretty print.


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Boho pieces with special accents

imagine spring and summer without a boho dress? Me neither. Of course, such gorgeous pieces belong to the time of sunshine, vacation, and music festivals. Still, this time designers showed a great variety of absolutely different boho pieces. Now, they have an oriental touch to them. Complicated and colorful prints paired with fringes and chain belts with coins look so different, yet very stylish and chic. Such dresses e.g. are perfect for pairing them with cowboy boots which you probably already have in your wardrobe.

I´m wearing: sweater by Zara / leggings by Calzedonia / boots by Zara / bag by Massimo Dutti / hat by Antropologie




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  1. 3. March 2019 / 16:53

    I couldn’t be happier with some of the trend like huge bows and ruffle. I also love the return of beige! xx

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