The InStyle box – spring edition 2020 – what was in there?

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    Hey, beauties! Unfortunately, this spring is going not the way we expected it to. The virus spreads in Germany too, so we sit at home and try to minimize the danger. In such a difficult time, it is even more important to have some small things that make us happy. Recently, the brand-new beauty box from InStyle gave me a strong moment of happiness, because it allowed me to immerse myself in my favorite world of beauty without having to leave the house. Are you ready to open the spring box with me and get through the new beauty products dedicated to spring? Then let’s roll!

Selftanning mousse & application mitt by  St. Moritz Professional

Since I try to avoid long and intensive contact with the sun, I regularly use self-tanners for my legs. In the end, you don’t want to look super pale while wearing shorts and mini dresses. The self-tanning mousse by St. Moritz makes the desired, natural-looking tan easy and quick. In order to apply the product evenly, there is an application mitt that makes the whole application thing even faster and more effective. Now nothing stands in the way of beautiful legs.

Hydro Booster – 2-phases-skincare by Luvos

I know the brand Luvos pretty well and have already tried some of its products. You can easily search for my reviews on them on my blog. I know this product and have loved it for some time already. For this reason, I am beyond happy to find the right one for my dry skin in the box. The first step is the deep cleansing face mask and the second a hydro booster, which moisturizes the skin and plumps up the wrinkles caused by dryness. In addition, such a product can easily be taken on any trip. It´s practical and effective, what would you want more?

Serum Lifting Végétal by Yves Rocher

The face serum by Yves Rocher consists of 98% ingredients of natural origin and can give you a lot. Thanks to natural collagen, the product helps everyone who needs more elasticity for their skin. It is obtained from the Ajuga reptans plant and helps to make the skin fresh and brighter in a natural way.

Body Lotion “Alive” von Boss

The miniature of the brand-new fragrance called Alive by Boss is an incredibly sensual, elegant, but very confident composition. The fragrance is fruity-woody with notes such as apple, jasmine and sandalwood. Just the right thing for spring, right?!

Hair rings by Invisibobbles

Who doesn’t know the famous hair ties from Invisibobbles? Having them is always a good thing. You always in need of a reliable hair tie if you have long hair. So, it’s always great to have a few ones in your bag.

Shower gel “orange blossom” by #be routine

In spring, we all want to smell light, yet very active, life-affirming scents everywhere. This is exactly what the new #be Routine shower gel gives. It smells so beautifully of orange blossom. In the morning, it immediately creates a good mood and provides plenty of energy. In addition, it is enriched with glycerin and betaine, so that the skin is protected and cared for in the shower.

Magic Fix by Artdeco

Imagine that your favorite lipstick stays on your lips for a longer time and doesn’t leave stains of on cups or your boyfriend lips. Wouldn’t that be great? With the new product “magic fix” every lipstick can be transformed into a waterproof and kiss proved one. Especially in spring and summer it´s super practical and it goes so easy. By the way, the sealer does more than that, because it cares for the lips thanks to essential oils containing in the product.

Glow Shot by Berlina

 A drink shot that makes the skin beautiful from the inside. That sounds great, isn´t it? The ingredients such as beetroot juice, raspberry juice, apple juice, lemon and black pepper help the skin to get the necessary vitamins and antioxidants that are responsible for a healthy glow.

Sleep mask

For me, a sleep mask is one of my personal must-haves for a good sleep. I don’t even go to bed without it. For this reason, I am happy to have found a new, super soft and cute sleeping mask in the current box.

Tea by Cupper

I’m a fan of the Cupper teas and I think they are great. I found “skinni vanilli” tea in my box. That´s a fruity tea that smells of ice cream and vanilla. A cup of this tea immediately gets you in a good mood and makes the day even better than it it.




*The InStyle Box had been perchased by yours truly. 

*The post is not sponsored.

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