The InStyle box summer edition 19 – unboxing

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Hi, beauties! The end of June was so rich with great makeup and fashion surprises. First of all, I had my birthday just a few days ago which I spent in Amsterdam. Secondly, there are numerous beauty boxes which arrived recently. I decided to put my hands on the current InStyle Box first just because I absolutely love it and always count days until the new box is launched every single time. So, let´s hop directly to the beauty content of this stylish box of summer 2019.

Face serum aqua boost by I+M

For sure, you have seen this brand numerous times on my blog and you know how much I love some of their products. This serum isn´t new to me because I already had it and used it to the last drops. For that reason, I can tell you that this product is amazing and I´m happy to have it again. Especially in summer, it suits just perfectly. On the hotter days, I use only this serum without applying a face cream above and my skin feels great, nonetheless. Though its texture is very light and watery, it gives so much hydration. The skin literally soaks it in within seconds and you have such a nice feeling on your skin. Additionally, the product has an anti-blue screen effect in it which helps to protect the skin against the effects of all our gadgets we love and use way too much.

Clear-up strips by Boiré

I´ve been using the nose strips by Boiré for years already. They do a great job and are gentle enough to not irritate my sensitive skin. I didn´t try this packaging though. It contains strips for the forehead and the nose. There are 12 strips in it which is enough for a couple of months. It is always great to get those products I know and actively use.

Mascara by Yves Rocher

I can never say „no” to a new mascara because it belongs to my personal must-haves among all other makeup products. This one really did impress me. It creates a nice length and volume all in one. If I had known it earlier, I would have tried the mascaras by Yves Rocher years ago. The spoolie is perfect for my eyes and I can get even to the roots of my lashes without setting patches on my lids. You will also like this mascara, provided you prefer the classical bristles spoolies and not the silicon ones.

Coconut chips by Tropicai

There was a packaging of chips in the box. Though, there are not normal but sweet and healthy chips. Crispy Cacao chips are a great source of protein and fiber. They are completely natural, vegan and have a nice taste of cacao in them.

Moment of glow – concealer by Flora Mare

I have always wanted to find a concealer which not only would hide all imperfections on my face but also would hydrate my dry under-eye area throughout a day. This is possible with the concealer by Flora Mare. It hides shades and imperfections and takes care of the gentle skin under your eyes. The best thing is that it doesn’t even have any perfume in it so that even those of you who have sensitive skin can use it without any risk.

Smoothing body lotion by Dove

The body lotion contains white tea extract which nourishes skin deeply. This product is specially made for those who pay attention to the skin elasticity. It doesn´t even matter, what type of skin you have or how old or young you are. At every age, it´s important to give your skin all the possible nourishment and care to prolong its beauty and youth. I really enjoy using this body lotion even in summer because it´s light and soft and still, very effective.

Beauty balm by Weleda

Weleda is probably one of the most well-known German natural brands. I love and use it too but unfortunately, the beauty balm is a hard pass for me. It is just too dark. With my fair skin, I definitely can´t use the shade “bronze” which suits medium to dark skin tones. Overwise, it could be a nice product which is supposed to hydrate and perfect skin.

Hair ribbon with a tropical print

The pretty and trendy hair ribbon with a fun print is the must-have for this summer. It can be a nice accent on a summer outfit in the city or a practical helper on vacation or on the beach.

All Soft hairline by Redken

There were two possible versions of the new “nature + science” line by Redken in the box. I got the “all soft” one. It´s specially created to give your hair all the needed hydration and makes it smoother and shinier. In the box, there were the shampoo and the conditioner in the miniature size. Both products are vegan, silicon and sulfate-free.

The current InStyle box is great in general. There are some products that suit me and my taste to 100%. I already use them and enjoy doing it. What products in the box did you like the most? Which of them did you already try?






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