The InStyle box winter edition 18/19 – review


The end of the year was rich not only with Christmas gifts but also with numerous beauty boxes. Almost all of them were full of products suitable for the winter in the best way. I noticed that beauty boxes, in general, tend to increase the quality of the products you can discover. To me, it´s proof enough that purchasing such boxes is mostly worth your money. The InStyle box winter edition surprised me with all the amount of interesting and really good items. I already could try many of them and reveal in detail what this box was all about. Let´s take a look inside!

1-minute-thermo-mask by Bioré

We all learned that charcoal is amazing to cleanse the skin to the pores easy and fast. Such facemasks belong to my normal skincare routine and I cannot even imagine to not use them anymore. Still, this mask is something special and innovative. It cleanses skin within just one minute. Contacting with oxygen, it gets warm and let pores open for deep cleansing. I use once in two weeks and love how fast and easy I get a smooth and deeply cleansed skin.

Eye patches by Chiara Bambra

As a fan of eye patches, I love having different versions at home. I use them frequently so I´m always happy to get new ones. These patches by Chiara Bambra hydrate the under-eye area and make it look so fresh and even. They also look very sweet because of the lace print. I love when a product is pretty and works great.

 Makeup remover pads by Waschies

I heard so much about such makeup remover pads on the internet and finally, I got a chance to try them out and see what all the hype was all about. The mixture of micro- and viscose fiber makes it possible to remove all the makeup very gently but deeply. The best thing about the pads is that they are multifunctional and can be washed at the temperature up to 90C0. There are two pads in the package which means that you will have them for a very long time.

Connective tissue capsules by Body Change

The capsules contain vitamin A, B, zinc, and copper. Copper is known for its positive effect supporting the connective tissue and helping to produce even skin pigmentation. The package contains 60 capsules which are enough for a month. After that period, you may see the first results and decide, whether you wanna take the supplements farther or not.

Cinnamon apple porridge by 3 Bears

In every beauty box, there are some fails. This time, it was a cinnamon apple porridge by 3 bears breakfast. Actually, I like the traditional porridge by 3 bears and always have it at home, but this version is nothing for me because I hate cinnamon in any way. That´s why I won´t even try it.

A tea sieve in the form of a squirrel

It´s a must-have for any tea fan. This cute squirrel tea fan looks so nice that you will enjoy your warm cup of tea even more. I love using it for my collection of green and white teas.

Leather sticker by IPhoria

Our smartphones became part of ourselves and we can´t even imagine our life without them. That´s why such trend as personalizing the smartphone or giving it a personal touch so popular. In the box, I found a stylish leather sticker in the form of a butterfly by IPhoria. I think I will place it on my new iPad to pimp it up a little bit.

Coffee-peeling by Boom Boom

Coffee peelings have been quite popular for a while. Looking at the product it´s easy to understand why. They peel very effectively and contain only natural ingredients. Using them, you don´t need to worry about any negative effects chemical ingredients may cause and they are good for the environment too. In the beauty box, one could find one out of three different versions of the product. I got the one that smells like mango. One package can be used up to 10 times. It´s resealable, so it´s absolutely not a problem to keep the product fresh for as long as you need. Brian sugar and Himalaya salt remove dead skin cells and precious oils in the product make it smooth and nourish it deeply. You will see the difference for sure.

Palaar Crème by Arctic Beauty Secrets

In winter, even if it´s not too cold, my skin gets very dry and extremely sensitive. That´s why my only life saviors are the creams with a very rich texture. The night cream nuit polaire is perfect for dry and stressed skin. Seaweeds containing in the cream revitalize and restructure the skin. Thanks to the cream my skin looks fresh and hydrated in the morning. I absolutely need this product in the bigger size.

Natural Liquid Soap Vanilla & Cinnamon by Yope

Though I´m not a fan of cinnamon, I will use this liquid soap for sure. It smells great like vanilla. The scent is so warm but delicate. Additionally, it consists of 98% natural ingredients which nourish the skin and don´t let it get dry. Unfortunately, my hands get super dry when I wash them with cheap soaps at work or while going out. This one is very gentle for my hands and harmless to nature.

Hugo Boss scent

The miniature contains 5 ml. of the classic female scent by Hugo Boss. The practical little bottle is perfect to have in the bag. The elegant scent combines the notes of peaches, freesias, osmathus blossoms, and cacao. The composition is very warm, elegant, and sensual.

Lip liner by Lavera

The lip liner in the shade 03 red is a classic red color which would match almost all red lipsticks with a cold undertone. It´s highly pigmented and creates a nice, well-defined contour. I personally prefer using a lip liner even while using liquid long-lasting lipsticks because creating a contour first makes it easier to apply any bright color evenly and precisely.



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