The power of saying yes and why it doesn´t mean saying yes to everything

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Saying yes to new possibilities is a chance to understand what you really want

Unfortunately, we are mostly able to say what we don´t want but when it´s all about our true wishes, this is where our problems start. The cause of this problem goes back to our childhood and our early experiences with the focus on negativity. A „no“ belongs to our life much more than we actually think. That´s why we can easily say what we don´t want instead of saying what we truly do want. The question of what we want to be or what we want to do in our life often make us furrow our foreheads while trying to get the answer. Some of us would probably talk about their dreams but if they had a chance to turn them into reality the next moment, they would probably think twice about them instead. This is because they know that their dreams are just a sort of illusion which is not supposed to turn into reality. Giving yourself the chance to say “yes” to new possibilities is important to make yourself clear what you exactly want in your life and what way you want to go because it´s the choice which would make you feel happy. Only if you say “yes” to such new chances, you will be able to see and test what things are yours and where your talents are concentrated. When you try something, you know for sure what way of life is truly yours.



Why the ability to say “yes” doesn´t make us a social victim who is afraid to say “no”

If the ability to say “yes” is so great, why are there so many articles, courses, and methods to strengthen the ability to say “no” out there? Seminars like “learn to say a clear no” are very popular. Saying “yes” is wrongly identified with weakness but it´s actually the other way round. You are not supposed to say “yes” to everything in your life just because you´re such a nice person but rejecting all new ideas, possibilities and ways to go won´t make you any happier at all. The technique of saying “yes” is all about giving a shot to new things in your life which you feel like doing. It´s all about letting your inner voice help you to understand what possibilities could be something that bring joy and fulfillment in your life. Just let your inner voice be a part of your decisions, whether you want to try this or that or not. If you feel a positive excitement, just go for it and don´t hesitate.




The ability to say “yes” to new possibilities in your life is a hard and consistent job

Unfortunately, we are so influenced by negative experiences, rejections, and prohibitions starting back in our childhood that we absolutely forgot to use our inner voice to understand what was good for us. The inner voice dozed off somewhere deep in our hearts but it´s still there and we can learn how to wake it up. For sure, it means a hard and consistent job but it´s possible in every age. I also have an issue with understanding and saying out loud what I really want. It´s easier for me to number all the things I don´t want. Understanding my problem, I tried to find something that could help me. This is how I found books by Louisa Hey which inspired me pretty much. Her work lets me look into so many things like myself and my attitude to the world around me much deeper. It´s like a key to the lock of my problems. Of course, this lock is very rusty and it´s all about the time needed to unlock it but I´m optimistic about it nonetheless. That´s why I started my work towards my happiness and the ability to listen to my inner voice more using numerous techniques Louisa gives in her books like learning to love yourself through the mirror.



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 In case you want me to go deeper into those techniques and exercises I personally use and what my results are, please write me in the comments down below and I´ll make a separate blog post about it too.


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  1. 13. March 2019 / 16:33

    I agree childhood and how you are treated as a child by your parents and other authority figures is the biggest determining factor of success in a persons life. There are statistics that back this up. It is a sad fact but true. I don’t buy in to the whole law of attraction I think a lot of people get really rich writing and speaking bout this but for the most part it is nonsense. An 8 oz glass of water with 4 oz water in is just that. Choosing to see it half full generally means you are apt to take more chances and engage in more positive behavior which could and I say “could” lead to more positive results. As opposed to being negative and engaging self defeating behavior which could lead to more negative results. Sadly people who are abused by and or not cared for correctly by their parents tend to do less well b/c they feel less deserving and do not stand up for themselves which leads to them not getting as far in life.

    But there is no magical universe or God looking out for you and granting wishes. The law of attraction theory is just more of the same dressed up in new age jargon. And the whole “Its meant to be” nonsense. This takes the power of decision making away from the individual. Sometimes life is not fair and that is just the way it is.

    On a lighter note. I LOVE this dress. I am a sucker for polkadots! You look great in this : )

    Allie of

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