The situation is becoming critical: why did we wait so long without doing anything?

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Hi beauties! Obviously, the topic “Corona” is the biggest and most important one in every country. Unfortunately, NRW is one of the most affected federal states in Germany. As I told you in my last post (here) I´d like to emphasize that I think the virus is dangerous and the situation is quite critical. But I’m more afraid of what panic people fall into. No, that’s not normal! We are human beings and can and should think before we do anything. The current situation is not an exception, not only is it stupid to buy 100 toilet paper rolls, but it´s also very selfish and malicious. Where is the willingness to help each other? Why are those strong words like “holding each other´s back” so viral only as a great hashtag? Why don´t we put them into action?

The situation is artificially aggravated and forwarded by the politics and stupidity of some people

I’m not a scientist, I’m not a virologist, I’m not a prominent politician, but strangely enough, right from the start, I could see where the rulers’ indifference leads us. Instead of having everything officially closed after the first corona cases in Germany which would keep the virus at bay, we’d rather wait until several thousand become infected and then we’ll see. Sorry, but such logic is more than just stupid. Now, we have what we have and that is almost 7 thousand infected people, alone in NRW.

Problem number two is the fact that some people behave like defiant children. Although almost everything is closed in Düsseldorf starting this week, almost everyone is out. Well, the weather is just too nice, so everyone goes jogging, enjoying the warmth and walking with children. I beg your pardon. What sense does it make to get everything closed when people still get infected and spread the virus?

Back to the good and normal time, even if it´s only in the pictures

I think I’ve never been more emotional on my blog than I am today. But it just had to be said out, guys! Nonetheless, I would like to remain positive and hope that this situation will settle quite quickly. Until then, I will concentrate on the beautiful things in life and share them here and on my social media channels.

Today’s outfit was photographed in Berlin while we stayed there last month. Look at this beautiful place. It´s the east side of the city, directly at the hotel we stayed at, the Nhow Hotel in Berlin. I liked it so much that I can’t imagine staying anywhere else. So, next time I go to Berlin, it will definitely be this one.

I´m wearing: coat by Zara / sweater by Esprit / jeans by Envii / hair  by H&M / booties by Stradivarius / bag by Patrizia Pepe /

Wie findet ihr dieses Outfit?






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