The summer highlights + an outfit to rock every occasion

[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content”][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Hi, beauties! Though the calendrical summer is over, I still hope to have some sunny and warm days. But even if it´s not the case, there is still something that can improve the mood and bring my summer feelings back. Recaps of the coolest and the happiest experiences and events are always a great solution. My summer was absolutely amazing and that´s why I decided to share with you some of the greatest moments I´ve had.

The Limp Bizkit concert – my side stage story

The concert was something I’d been waiting impatiently for so long. The day X came in June and we went to the concert hall In Duesseldorf. First, we decided to pick some drinks before we actually went to the stage. This decision was a catalysator of the whole story I personally call the magic. A man came to us and asked us in English, whether we spoke the language. At first, I thought that he needed any help or something but he turned out to be one of the Limp Bizkit crew members. He simply asked whether I wanted to see the show from the stage, have some fun, and enjoy drinks absolutely for free. I got quite skeptical about it, but he showed his badge and proved his identity and who he really was. My husband motivated me to go (because only me was invited) and this is how I landed on the stage.

The night on the stage, partying with Limp Bizkit and shooting pics and videos, isn´t it a dream come true? Standing on the stage, I could barely realize that all this is happening in real life. At the end we all were invited to an after-show party with barbecue. This was the moment I decided to simply go home. I didn´t want to know what could happen there and preferred to leave with a feeling of happiness and dreams which can really come true. Do I regret to not have gone to the after-show party? Maybe a little. On second thought, I´m happy that it ended the way it did because it was something very special and I kinda live with the motto, “don´t get to know your favorite stars in real life”. To me, the whole night was a prove that our dreams come true and wonders can happen when you truly believe in them.

My birthday in Amsterdam

I celebrated my birthday on 21st June. There was a special post on my blog dedicated to the day and some important things I realized over the years. In case you missed it, you can find it here. Interesting fact: I wore the same transparent dress I´m wearing in today´s blog post. It wasn´t planned though.

Actually, it was my third birthday I spent in Amsterdam. The thing is that I simply love this city and want to go there over and over again. It´s so cool to feel comfortable there and know the streets, and some insider spots normal tourists wouldn´t even think of. I love the feeling of being a local in a way.

This stay was perfect because the weather was great. All three days we basked in the rays of the sun and enjoyed the real warm summer. Of course, I couldn´t miss out an opportunity to shoot some outfits. We ended up with two great shootings. The first outfit can be found here. The perfect stay in Amsterdam always includes a boat tour. I’ve done it 20 times before for sure but every new time it feels like the first time. All in one, it was one of the best stays in one of the most amazing cities in the whole world which made my birthday a super special one.

A trip to Barcelona

My second favorite city is Barcelona. Though, I´ve been there many times, my last visit happened four years ago. It was time to go there once again. We always stayed at the hotels directly in the center of the city but this time we decided to be near to the sea. In fact, we really went to the beach more often. Still, it wasn´t the only thing we did there. Barcelona has so much to offer that it´s a crime to not use the chance and discover the city.

It doesn´t matter how many times you´ve been to Barcelona, there is always something new to see and visit. We´ve been literally all days long on our feet strolling and walking through numerous beautiful places in Barcelona. I´m gonna make a separate blog post about the best places and things one should see there, but one thing should be said directly. Going to Barcelona, purchase a touristic bus ticket. It´s even better to get a ticket for two days. Barcelona is huge and going to different spots will be time and money consuming. Having the ticket, you´ll be able to hop off whenever you want as often as you want. Every time we go to Barcelona, we buy these tickets and we never regret doing so. Though I have been there a couple of weeks ago, I already miss the Mediterranean Sea and the Spanish food so much. Stay tuned for the blog post about Barcelona and its hotspots coming very soon.

I´m wearing: dress by Zara / bra by Beshka / jeans by Na-Kd / sandals by Mango / bag by Zara / hair clips by Stradivarius

Online course “make your dreams come true”

I dedicated almost the whole August to the online course “make your dreams come true” and I finished it seeing many things with completely different eyes. Though we spoke about dreams and how to make them come true a lot, there were many other important things we worked on. Our thoughts or even the things we learned from our parents as kids may affect the way how we live and what we believe in today. It´s important to create a new program and learn how to apply it to get rid of these things that stop us from getting what we what and becoming who we want to be. I managed to learn about my inner problems and blocks which I didn´t even think would trouble me that much. Now, I see myself and the way how I used to see my life totally different. The course made me want to become a better person even more than I wanted to before.

These were my summer highlights. I´m excited to learn more about yours! What made your summer special? Please, write about these things in the comments below!

A transparent dress styled in a totally different way

This outfit is definitely not on the classic side of styling a transparent dress but it´s exactly what I love about it. It beams with attitude and has a strong character which you really needs you to have courage to wear it. But if you feel comfy and secure wearing something like this, you can rock every event you´ll attend in this combo.

Generally speaking, I would always stick to a monochromatic combination while wearing transparent pieces. That means, a black dress paired with black underwear etc. This will always look super stylish and tempting without making it look cheap. That´s why I decided for black skinny jeans and a black lace bralette for my transparent black spotted dress. To avoid a gloomy touch of the ensemble, it´s always great to add some color to the game. If you keep your pieces in a monochromatic look, look for nice colorful accessories like I do. I simply added a half round white bag with a ring and yellow snakeskin printed sandals to the outfit. Though there are different colors, textures, and prints in the outfit, it still looks very harmonic and not way too overloaded. That´s how simple you can get a very impressive outfit using just one color for the main outfit and adding little pops of other colors with the help of the accessories.


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