The sunrise palette by Natasha Denona – my first and last palette by the brand

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Hi, beauties! For everyone who loves eye makeup, the name Natasha Denona is almost sacred, because her eyeshadows are supposed to be almost the best ones you´ll probably can find. I really wanted to try them, but unfortunately in the past, you could only order them from the US and the price was also not that appealing. But now, this problem no longer exists because you can find this makeup brand at Sephora. I confess that I was really confused about the huge range. There are so many options, large and mini palettes, limited editions are also launched regularly. A short time ago, I finally made my choice and picked up the sunrise pallet. The colors in the palette are so pretty and I generally like warm shades that are perfect for summer. I was sure that the eyeshadows lived up to their reputation. Well, it’s the most expensive palette in my makeup collection, so, I expected it to be something else. I wish I could enthusiastically say that it’s the best I’ve ever held in my hands. But it wouldn´t be true and frankly, I´m very disappointed about the palette. Why? I’ll give you all the deets in today´s post.

Great and unique shades, but the quality is not constant

Natasha Denona is famous for creating incredibly beautiful colors and I can only confirm that. For this reason, I hadn´t been able to decide which palette I wanted for so long. Every palette has a lot to offer and makes you want to get some extra colors into your makeup collection. But in my opinion, such expensive eyeshadows (my smaller palette cost 78 EUR) should have fantastic quality and pigmentation with no exception. For example, I can rely on every eyeshadow-palette by Jeffree Star. All matt, shimmering shades and metallics can be applied well and evenly. They are super pigmented and blend easily. In the case of the sunrise palette, there are shades that are not well pigmented, which is very confusing. So, the first shade I used for my makeup was of low pigmentation and I had to layer it up four times. Dipping my brush more deeply into the second shades left me with a stain of the eyelid. So guys, you really should test first how each shade “behaves” on the brush and on the eyelid. Especially when you use the palette for the first time as I did.

Expensive doesn’t mean qualitative

If you pay a lot of money for a product, you expect good quality overall. But unfortunately, although the packaging looks really nice, I have something to complain about. The eyeshadow pans are not glued to the packaging very well, which means that they can easily fall out. There are two colors in my palette which are not glued in a proper way. One is very loose and the second one already almost fell out. Honestly, I didn´t experience something like this even with Essence eyeshadows. By the way, after reading numerous reviews, I realized that I am not the only one with this issue.

They don’t even stay on my eyes

Everything I’ve described above would be half as bad to me if the eyeshadows lasted all day, but they just don’t. At this point, I have to say that I use ALL eye shadows with an eyeshadow primer. Well, it’s the only part on my body that may get shiny. Applied on a primer, every brand I use lasts all day without settling in the crease of my eyelids. But strangely, it happened with Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow palette. After a few hours, I found that my makeup looked anything but nice and flawless. I haven’t had anything like this in years. How is it possible to have such a makeup faux pas with the most expensive palette?


I wish I could say how deeply in love I am with the sunrise palette, but I can´t. Is it the worst palette I’ve ever tried, no. But is it the best one? My answer is the same, no. The shades are beautiful, and I deny it, but the rest is way too expensive hyped to me. This palette is likely to be the only Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette I own. What a shame, because I anticipated nothing like this when I bought it.




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