The things in life you definitely shouldn´t cut corners on


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Often, we decide against anything to save some extra money or just because we don´t want to throw it out of the window. Sometimes, it´s a great idea but sometimes it´s just something that diminishes the quality of your life and makes it less memorable. In today´s post, you find the most important things you shouldn´t cut corners on.



Our memories are the main part of our lives which make it so great. It´s such a nice feeling to go back in times and re-live something you have been enjoying or loving so much. Great memories will always be with you. That´s why you definitely should invest in them. All you need to do is picking something you absolutely love. I personally love going to concerts and don´t miss a chance to have a blast seeing my favorite bands on stage. The energy and the positive vibes I get at such concerts has much more value than the price for the ticket. I also love movies and try to watch everything to my liking in the movies. This special atmosphere, a big screen and amazing sound, all this makes the night so special. Such events are the important part of your memory puzzle which will remain special for you.




What can be better than seeing new countries and meeting new cultures or just lying on a beautiful beach somewhere in the South? Right, probably nothing. We are all different and interpret traveling in a different way. Though one thing is clear, traveling gives you a unique chance to see the most beautiful places in the world. To me, the worst thing one can do is quitting the trip to a new place while having an opportunity to go there. What if it was just once and there wouldn´t be any other chances to see it? Our lives are way too short to stay at home and there are too many beautiful places on the planet not to try to see at least some of them. I don´t want to waste my life and try to travel every time I have the chance to do it.



 Qualitative clothes  

Many people think that expensive, or better to say, qualitative clothes and accessories are a kind of unnecessary wasting of money. They prefer purchasing cheap clothes more often than choosing something qualitative and more expensive. Well, maybe in case of some crazy fashion trends it could work but still, mostly, you can see the quality, the material, and the whole cut of cheap clothes at once. It makes sense to invest the money in the quality. Cheap accessories and low-quality bags are nothing different. They don´t flatter any outfit and always look cheap. Even if you don´t have money for a trendy brand bag, you still can choose something pretty and qualitative. Nowadays, there are so many great smaller indie brands which make amazing bags and jewelry. It´s worth spending a little bit more for a great item you will wear many years and feel great about the quality.




 Health & well-being

Though my health was always of a great importance to me, I didn´t care about my well-being that much until recently. When I asked my friends about how often they visit any doctor and check their health, I was pretty much surprised. The great part of them visits their physicians only when they have any issues. They don´t do any regular screenings at all. I´m very skeptical about it because there are many issues which can easily be cured in the beginning but people don´t even know they could have them. Only a regular checking or screening can prevent diseases. I was shocked to learn that many of my girl-friends visit a gynecologist only when they have problems or pain. I have my screenings every six months and spend extra money on additional checkings. In Germany, insurance companies don´t cover some ultrasound examinations. That is why I pay them myself because it´s important for me to know that everything is ok. I see it as an investment in my health and future.



As for my well-being, I used to cut corners on it. I thought that I could handle everything on my own. Though, numerous stressful situations and every day’s work at the computer seemed to take their toll. I started to get muscle tensions which caused incredible pain in my back. It got worse and worse. Searching the solution, I decided to try the traditional Thai whole body massage and it worked. Though I still have this issue, it got much better. That is why a relaxing massage every two to three weeks stays on my agenda. Not experiencing pain effects my inner self too and I feel much better.

In general, you shouldn´t forget about treating yourself right and allowing yourself some pleasant things from time to time. It can be a manicure session or a relaxing Spa treatment or any other thing which will pamper you from the inner and from the outer side. You´re investing in your beauty, relaxation and inner happiness.


I´m wearing:  blazer by Bershka / turtleneck by Caliope / pants by Elis / shoes by Bershka / sunnies by Asos / bag by Gucci



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  1. 14. April 2018 / 19:15

    Классный костюм, и выбор обуви к нему мне очень нравится! Такой одиночный красный акцент смотрится здорово!

  2. 15. April 2018 / 12:47

    Loved your outfit especially the blazor 😍
    And your shoes are adding the right amount of contrast to the whole look ❤

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