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The older you get, the more you appreciate your time. With every new year of my life, I notice it too. Of course, with the time we all get new preferences, our thoughts and opinions are changing and we can even get a totally new way of life. Still, it happens not without a reason. We just become more mature and more experienced and know what we want from our lives. Obviously, I reached the age when I become a little bit retrospective about what I´ve learned from different situations my life gave me. As I celebrate my birthday in just two days, I decided to write down some things I learned or just understood the way I didn´t do before.




Don´t try to logically analyze other peoples´ behavior

When some people become rude, offense or even bully somebody, we generally, are trying to analyze why these people act like that. Another much more trivial example, when two friends who got on so well together break up contact without any reason or fight and it happens spontaneously. Isn´t it weird? I´m a kind of person who tries to analyze and dig right into the issue in order to understand why such things happened. In my life, I had such friends who disappeared, as if they hadn´t been there. I was shocked and offended and couldn´t get why they acted like that. Only some time later did I understand that I shouldn´t have tried to put logic in their behavior. Many people act without any logic or consideration about any consequences. There are just spontaneous, knee-jerk reactions from their side.

Should we search for logic when someone is rude, offensive to other people without any reason? Probably, not. Maybe this person is just an asshole and that´s it. Should we search for logic when a true friendship is going under? Was it indeed a true one?



Don´t try to rescue friendships from your childhood and transfer them into your adult life

Unfortunately, many people think they have to rescue such friendships because of the great childish memories. Even if such friendships are gone, some people still try to reanimate this kind of innocent, true friendship. Don´t get me wrong, such long connections between two people can exist, but it happens very seldom. I got one important point in my life, friendship is a kind of relation friends don´t need to work on. Friendship just exists or in some cases doesn´t exist anymore. If this relation is gone, it doesn´t mean that something went wrong. It´s just the thing of becoming an adult, of discovering what you like and what you don´t like in your life and changing interests. Honestly, I tried to rescue my friendships from childhood and couldn´t understand why it had been so easy and then we couldn’t even find something we both would find interesting to discuss. I was very unhappy about it, still, I was helpless. Though life goes on and we all meet other people and make new acquaintances. Now I understand that it´s ok and we just became different persons with different interests. As for me and my best friends from the past, they still exist somewhere on the outskirt of my life. When we see each other, we say hello and sometimes even recollect our great time as best friends. Still, when we talk about our presence, we have little to talk about. It may sound sad, but it´s not. We just move on, get further in our life and sometimes we go into different directions.


You should do what you love

This sentence may be old, but still, very important nowadays. Just imagine, you would go to work that you don´t like every day. In one year, you will probably feel only hatred against everything. This is the worst thing you could do in your life. Some people study what they actually don´t like or are not interested in. Others realize that they hate their job after having been working for some years. Some of them are very inspiring because they decide to change everything in their life, even if they are 30, 40 or 50 years old. They can become successful. But what would they have if they hadn´t changed anything? Probably, they would still work in a dusty office. I personally have a friend who studied History, then two foreign languages. After that, she became an M.A of History and spent 3 years for that. Finally, she found herself and became a photographer. I myself studied something way different than fashion or journalism, still, I have been blogging for more than 1.5 years.


I´m wearing: blouse by SheIn / jeans by H&M / pumps by Maje / bag by Zara / hat by Diefenthal /


Don´t try to save money purchasing cheap beauty products

I think this is the worst thing a woman can do to herself, purchasing cheap skin care and beauty products. Since I was 16 years old I paid attention to what I apply on my skin. It´s absolutely not about money or high-end brands. I´m just sure that the health of the skin and its condition goes above any price. There are so many good and qualitative brands every girl can buy without any splurge. So, it´s possible for everyone to take an appropriate care of herself and her appearance.

There is one more thing which could be even worse than a scruffy look, it´s a cheap perfume. Even if such fragrance smells nice in the bottle, mostly it doesn’t on the skin. Cheap ingredients don´t smell good, especially after having worn them for quite a bit. But what if you don´t have enough money to buy a nice, qualitative perfume? I personally saved money till I had enough to purchase my first label perfume “miracle” by Lancome. I was very proud! Even as a teenager my motto was: it´s better to possess one qualitative thing than ten poor ones. There is also an option to get a nice fragrance as a birthday or a Christmas present.



It´s ok to eat a hot dog or pizza from time to time

Nowadays a healthy and sporty lifestyle is super in. You should regularly do sports, eat healthily, think of super food, and don´t forget to post an almost naked backside on Instagram. Otherwise, no one can see how hard you work. Though I have been doing sports regularly since the time it wasn´t so trendy by women, the way it is going now makes me scary. Is it possible to eat only salads with some protein for months? Maybe, but not for me. Though I have a strong will and can easily do without many products, it´s ok for me to enjoy a slice of pizza or a hot dog from time to time. Nonetheless, I´m sure to have a healthy lifestyle and my body also doesn´t change the size.


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What life lessons did you get?

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