The statement pieces – How to wear?

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I prefer wearing simple and clean looks with a tendency to the classic style. Though, sometimes I like choosing and styling some extraordinary or even avant-garde fashion pieces. I am sure that you also had such thoughts while standing in front of an unusual piece as “It´s great, but it´s not for me”. Often, these thoughts don´t let us buy the piece, even if we actually like it. This happens because of two possible reasons. First, we are afraid to wear something extraordinary and think we might look silly wearing such a piece. Second, we don´t know how to style it and what to wear it with. In today´s post, I´ll give three simple rules how to wear extraordinary fashion pieces and feel comfortable. I chose a very interesting skirt by Lavish Alice for my outfit so that you could have a kind of visual example.

Leave your comfort-zone

Sometimes we just need to leave our comfort-zone and overcome our fear of wearing something totally different and new. The most important point is not to try to step too far. Try new forms, cuts, textures, and styles but don´t go crazy. If you always wear midi skirts, you most probably won´t feel comfortable wearing an extremely short mini skirt. So, try to integrate extravagant pieces so that you can still feel comfortable while choosing something new. Every one of us has his or her own imagination of what an extraordinary and unusual look is. Some of us can put on some bizarre clothes and feel nice, others don´t even dare to style a flowery dress with a biker jacket. That is why it´s important to know and understand where your limit is and to try to leave your comfort-zone step by step, otherwise, you won´t even wear all the crazy stuff you purchased.

Don´t forget the basics

The basics surely can be found in every wardrobe and should be used in an outfit with extraordinary pieces. In this case, your outfit will be harmonic and authentic without looking strange and crazy. Of course, there are some really crazy and bizarre styles which look super stylish nonetheless. But let´s be honest, not everyone of us can wear such creations like the best street-style gurus from London or Paris. So, let it be and don´t exaggerate the extravagance level of your outfit.

Less is more

The more unusual your fashion piece is, the more simple your accessories should be. An outfit should have a highlight but if you put too many of them in one outfit, you risk to look tasteless. Wearing an extravagant piece, you should wear simple jewelry or just one statement piece as e.g. a statement ring. So, let your extraordinary fashion piece be the highlight of your outfit. Don´t distract from it.

(I am wearing: top by Maje / skirt by Lavish Alice / pumps by Högl / bracelets by Lemper )



These are three simple rules to follow while choosing an extraordinary fashion piece. Still, the main rule remains the same as for styling every other outfit, be skeptical about yourself and decide for such pieces which put your figure in the limelight.



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Do you experiment with extraordinary or avant-garde fashion pieces? How do you style them?

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  1. 2. April 2017 / 18:56

    I do like a statement piece but it’s more in a colour or pattern rather than a cut. A lot of the time I like to wear it in a jumpsuit or a dress so I don’t need to mix and match much with it

    • Daria
      3. April 2017 / 9:32

      I also like interesting and bright colors but sometimes I experiment with some new cuts as well.

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