“Thirsty” eyeshadow palette and other beauty must-haves from summer collection by Jeffree Star

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Finally, the Jeffree Star summer collection has been launched. To receive the brand-new eyeshadow palette, I had to order it via the pre-sale. It allowed me to get it as early as possible. Additionally, I ordered a matte lipstick from the new summer collection and a makeup mirror. Let´s dive into the colorful and glamorous world of Jeffree Star and see each product in the detail.


The „thirsty“ eyeshadow palette 

This time Jeffree wanted to experiment with his new product and it definitely can be seen. The palette has a different form comparing it to all of his other creations. This one is shorter but higher which is great because the mirror in the palette is bigger too. The eyeshadow pans are smaller than in previous palettes, but you still have a good amount of the product. The palette looks amazing and eye-catching. The cover has a juicy orange color and drops of water on it symbolling how hot the summer and obviously the new palette are. The name of the palette “thirsty” is also kind of melting from the cover. Well, Jeffree did it again! The eyeshadow palette looks just awesome!


Colors, quality, finishes

There are 15 colors in the palette. It contains both very unusual and bright ones and neutral warm tones. For the first time, there are five metallics with a unique texture in the palette. They even feel differently and create a cosmic, liquid-metal look. This palette is amazing for the summer because of its warm and bright shades, but it´s also great for other seasons. It´s a great mix of colors for everybody.

The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing as always. All of them are highly pigmented, easy to blend, and barely have a fall-out. This palette is a must-have for all beauty-junkies out there. I´m so happy to have it.




Matte lipstick from Velour collection in the color „Yummy“

Since I tried it for the first time, I´ve been daydreaming about this product. It´s the perfect color for me and I don´t want to miss it anymore. I hope that this shade won´t be just the limited edition and will be added to the main collection. It’s a red color with an active orange undertone. Additionally, there are barely visible shiny particles in it. Actually, the lipstick is completely matte but when you press your lips together or just rub them against each other, a subtle shine will come through. It looks so beautiful and unique. I didn´t see anything like this before. I´m so hooked on this product. Though the color is a part of the summer collection, I can definitely see myself wearing it during the golden fall a lot.


As for the quality of the lipstick, it´s as good as any velour lipstick. To me, these lipsticks are the best because they are so comfy to wear. They are amazingly pigmented, don´t dry out the lips and feel as if you would wear nothing on your lips. I have many matte lipsticks by Jeffree Star, but this one is so special. I love it!


A makeup mirror in a star form

Last but not least, I ordered a popular makeup mirror in the form of a star by JS. I badly needed a new mirror and the purchase of the palette motivated me to get this mirror too. As you may know, this mirror is available in many colors. I chose the pink one just because I found it cute. I was positively surprised by the quality of the mirror and its packaging. The box looks like a jewelry holder. It´s so soft and pink inside, so that the product doesn´t break. I love how big it is and how well it lays in my hand. What can one want more?




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