Time Management – Basics you need to know and follow

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Hello beauties! How often do you plan on doing something and realize that you don’t have enough time for it?! Certainly, very often. I am a desperate plan and schedule maker and I love scheduling each day of mine. I am also one of those people who want to try and do something new all the time. I need a lot of free time for that. In the past, I would also say that a day only has 24 hours and there is no chance to squeeze everything into it. In this case, time management comes to the rescue. Proper and well-thought-out planning is essential for a productive and happy life that does not only consist of work.

Recently, I read an article about some time management techniques and it made me contemplate how many people still have a problem with planning and managing their tasks and things to do in a right way. The reason is that knowing some theoretical stuff won´t let you understand how time management works. To really do more in your life, you have to start with small things and then gradually get used to the bigger ones. It’s simply not possible without significant basics we´re going to talk about in today´s post.

Put everything you take to where it belongs to

Most of us take the things we need right now and use them to find out that we are too lazy to put them back in their place. Probably, we all think something like, “I´ll do it later” and we completely forget about it. Later, we don´t even know where the thing we just used actually is. In most cases, if we´ll need it again, we will have to turn the whole house upside down until we find what we need. For sure, it´s just a trifle. But does it really worth it to spend much time trying to find what we need instead of simply putting it where it belongs to?

Clean up immediately after eating and cooking

I´m personally one of those people who sometimes have to force themselves to wash off a single cup directly after having drunk something. But if you postpone such small things over and over again, you risk ending up with a sink that is full to the brim with dirty dishes. This case is just the one above, it makes more sense to clean and wash everything quickly and efficiently, instead of waiting it to get bigger and worse and spend half an hour in the kitchen.

Do you have to do anything important but you don´t want to? – that´s what you should start doing first

Each of us has tasks that were very important, but somehow, we mostly don´t feel like doing them at all. Most of the time we look for excuses like cleaning up the whole day the apartment, the bathroom or doing something else just to be able to get away from what we actually have to do. The thing is that we have imaginary excuses about why we can’t do the necessary things. We may even think that the right time will come a little bit later, but unfortunately, the truth is that in the end, the result will be even worse. That´s why it´s important to start with the tasks that´d like to postpone or skip at all because after having done them, you´ll be able to concentrate on something more pleasant.

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Stop looking for excuses

If you don’t want to do something or you´re just lazy, you´ll find a million excuses. One thing is clear, it´s laziness which speaks out of you. So, put off the excuses, find the inner will and stick to business. After that, you will feel much better because you´ll achieve something and overcome yourself at the same time.

A little bit is better than nothing

Many wrongly think that we have to plan a certain amount of time for everything and if we don’t have enough time, it doesn´t make sense to start it at all. That´s absolutely wrong! Even having a 10-minutes-workout at home is better than having nothing. Learning a foreign language 10 minutes a day is even better than learning it one hour every two weeks. Small steps are very efficient and will take you further. Don’t underestimate them.

Define your goals

To achieve something, we should know where we are going. Without a goal, there is no result. A goal is a motivation that takes certain steps and planning. So, find out why and what you are doing something for. This will help you to achieve your goals.


These basics will help you be more productive and spend your time more efficient. At first, it may not be easy to control these little things. But as far es they become a habit, other time management techniques will be easier and better to follow too. Will these basics allow you to squeeze everything in 24 hours? Maybe not quite, but they will allow you to do much more and be more productive every day without getting super stressed.


What are your time wasters? What are your biggest difficulties when it comes to a time distribution?




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