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Hello, my dears!

Sometimes there is a simple way to style the perfect every day look within minutes. I love black color and love wearing it both in the combination with other colors or by its own, enjoying its monochromic elegance.


In case when I don´t have time to style a complex outfit, I often decide for black. I think, one cannot do anything wrong with it. Of course, you should love the color in order to feel comfortable while wearing it the whole day. I prefer wearing the traditional black skinny jeans with a pair of black heeled boots. All these make your legs seem longer and thinner. A black biker jacket matches this total black look pretty well. If you have been reading my blog for a while you might probably know that I love biker jackets and style them quite often with different pieces. Additionally, a nice XXL scarf is a must-have for my today´s look and for the cold weather outside. I chose my scarf in the shade navy-blue as I wanted to create a little bit of depth in my almost total black look. For my everyday life, I prefer really big bags, which have enough space for my day-planner, my make-up bag, my purse and even for a bottle of water. My black one by Massimo Dutti is just perfect for that. Last but not least, my day cannot begin without an extra portion of caffeine in form of a big cappuccino.




I´m wearing:

Biker jacket by Zara, similar here

Jeans by Calvin Klein, similar here

Sweater by Zarahere

Boots by S. Oliver, similar here

Scarf by Zara, similar here

Bag by Massimo Dutti, similar here

Earrings by Swarovski, here


Massimo Dutti Total Black DBK Stylez face


Do you like wearing black color? What do you prefer, its combination with other colors or just a total black look?


Bets regards,



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