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We have stress and a lack of time way too often. We have to do so many things, attend meetings, meet arrangements that we don´t even see what is happening around us. The worst thing is that we don´t even notice what signals our body is giving us and what our inner self is trying to tell us. We concentrate on important things in our work life but don´t want to admit that our body also needs some time and harmony.

Actually, I am an active human being and try to eat healthy food, do sports regularly and pay attention to my inner self. But my perfectionism gets in my way and makes me do my work and my duties without paying any attention to myself and my well-being sometimes. I want to share with you my little story just to make you clear on my own example, how important it is to listen to what your body is telling you and what signals it is trying to give you.



Your body sends you signals, try to listen to them

As I already mentioned, I always tried to live a healthy and active life. Originally, I am from a big city in the South of Russia where every summer is a sunny, hot and long period of time. I am definitely a girl of sun and get my life energy from it. From the moment, I moved to Germany I noticed that I feel different in some way. At first, I thought that I only missed the sun because the weather in Germany was quite grey and rainy. After some time, I realized that my life energy and my motivation to do anything were gone. Though I felt that way, I didn´t want to admit that something had been going wrong. One day I felt a bad backache without any reason. An orthopedist couldn´t tell me what the problem was even with a complete check-up and an MRT screening. One day I got sleep problems which I thought would be a signal for stress and nothing more. Who can sleep well nowadays with all the problems, work stress and a lack of time? Though my body was trying to give me signals that it needed something, I didn´t notice it. At last, I started to think that a psychosomatic issue caused all my problems and pains.


I´m wearing: top by Esprit / skirt by Maje.


Only recently as my blood was completely tested the cause of the problem was found. I have a vitamin D deficiency which caused my sleep problems, backaches, fatigue, and many other symptoms.

I share this with you just because I want to show you how important it is to feel the signals the body gives us. Though my body tried to warn me that something was wrong I didn´t want to accept it. It was easier for me to stop realizing it and continue living my active life, even if it wasn´t easy anymore. It really doesn´t matter, whether it´s a stress situation, a vitamin deficiency or anything else, try to listen to the signals your body sends you.



Now I know that I should trust my body and listen to the signals it sends me. In fact, we can feel our health problems before we go to a physician. Only we can make the best of it and start acting. As for me, I want to pay much more attention to my well-being and my inner self for the future. Live in balance with your inner self and stay healthy and airy. Still, don´t go crazy and analyze your feelings. Many problems can be solved quite simply as in my case.


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How important is your inner self for you?

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