Trip to Hamburg

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Recently my husband and I visited the beautiful German city of Hamburg. Though our trip was just two days long we still could enjoy all the beauty of this city around us. I have never been to Hamburg before and now after having visited it I constantly ask myself why. As the way from Düsseldorf to Hamburg is not too long (about 3,5 hours) we decided to go there by car. I love traveling by car as I can do and see everything in my tempo, take some pauses at some small and romantic cafes and rest houses. In Hamburg, we stayed at the five-star rated hotel Grand Elysee, which was a nice place.


The hotel is in the center of the city near the main station. One also can reach the main shopping area of the city within walking distance.


Our room at the hotel was very nice, comfortable and big. My husband was so happy to find a big TV in the room as this is not standard in most hotels. The bathroom was also big and new. Well, I am a kind of person who notices every stain in the bathroom and especially in the shower cubicle. In this case, I couldn´t find anything. All bathroom units were new and clean. Additionally, there was so much space to place all my beauty and skin care stuff.

 room-1 Hamburg DBK Stylez

 room-2 Hamburg DBK Stylez

 room-3 Hamburg DBK Stylez


Of course, there were SPA, swimming pool, many bars, three restaurants and a gym at the hotel. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy all these things as we didn´t have too much time for it and spent it outside while walking.


This is probably the only point where I might be not that satisfied with the hotel. Having come down to the restaurant we discovered that all tables were busy and we just didn´t have any place. We were asked to go to the additional hall with another breakfast buffet. There were also way too many people. The breakfast buffet didn´t have so much choice (for a five-star rated hotel). We didn´t even get a simple omelet as we had to go to the main hall and stay a huge line for it. Don´t get me wrong, the breakfast was not so bad, but I think that 25 EUR per person are a bit overrated for what you get there.

Now I want to share with you some experiences of the city and the places which I have gladfully been. Of course, two days spent in Hamburg won´t make me a tourist guide but still, if you haven´t been to Hamburg you should see a least the following places:

Speicherstadt: which is the largest warehouse district in the world. It is located in the port of Hamburg. This place is not only a historical one. There are many museums, offices and much more there. We couldn´t have left this place without taking some pictures for a new outfit of mine. I will post the outfit very soon.


The Außen Alster – the Alster is one of the most famous rivers in Europe and the most important river in Hamburg. The place where two tributaries come together (the Außen Alster and the Binnen Alster) is particularly the center of the city. After having done some shopping in the numerous stores in Hamburg it´s so nice to take a snack or a coffee to go and take a seat at the shore of this beautiful panorama place.

Kitchen of Hamburg:

Hamburg is a city with a sea flair. That is why there are so many fish dishes almost in every café or restaurant of the city. I wanted to try the so called “black pizza” which is supposed to be a traditional dish for this city. I found the information of it while preparing for the trip. Unfortunately, I didn´t succeed in this business as the first pizzeria which normally offers such a pizza couldn´t prepare it because of the broken stone oven. The second pizzeria didn´t even have it on the menu. After having been looking for this pizza for a while we decided to eat just something. We found a nice and cozy place called “Schönes Leben” (nice life) and had a traditional and incredibly delicious dinner. I tried three different types of fish: cod, ocean perch and spined loach. If you like fish, you should try it there.


 Unfortunately, we didn´t have more time to explore the city. But I´m sure that I will visit Hamburg again very soon as I fell in love with this beautiful city. I will find and try the “black pizza” for sure.


Have you ever been to Hamburg? If so, please, give me some tips about the hidden places of the city. What should I see next time there?


Best regards from Düsseldorf,



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  1. miri
    10. November 2016 / 12:35

    I love your photos from Hamburg. I have never visited Hamburg but now I would love to go there. It looks like a beautiful city.

    • Daria
      11. November 2016 / 12:03

      Thank you so much, Miri! You should visit Hamburg if you have a chance one day. 🙂

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