UBU “Face on” complexion tool kit – review

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Recently I purchased the make-up brushes set by #UBU. To say the truth, I didn’t know anything about this label but I found the neon pink color of the brushes so pretty that I just couldn’t resist. There is a foundation brush, a powder brush, a concealer brush and a little sponge in the set. The powder brush consists of 100 % natural hair. I think it was the reason why I thought that the brushes could be of good quality.

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Unfortunately, I have to say that the brushes turned out to be a bad buy. The blush brush is very soft but it loses its hair whether being dry or wet. So you just have long pink hair all over your face. Additionally, because of the color of the brush it is almost impossible to see how much product you have on the brush. This may create rather uneven finish instead of the flawless one.

The foundation brush is probably the best brush in the whole set. The quality is very good and it let you spread your foundation on your face rather well.

The concealer brush is too hard to use it on the under-eye area. I personally cannot use anywhere on my face.

UBU Pinsel


Well, I wouldn’t recommend this make-up brush set to anyone as there is just one worthy brush in it. The only thing these brushes are good for is using them as stylish accessories as they look really nice.

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