Utility style – a comfy trend for spring and summer

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Hi, beauties! The “utility” trend is big this season. But what it´s actually all about? The answer is easy because it’s pieces that look like work clothes. It can be different jackets, boiler suits, shorts, and sturdy boots. This style is based on the cargo or safari-style known for its practical cuts, patch pockets on the chest and leg area. This style is meant to be comfortable. The cargo style is in every season and never goes out of style completely. Still, last summer we experienced a huge explosion of it. Fortunately, this season cargo items are also present which means that we can be stylish while wearing something truly comfortable and practical.


Utility or cargo? – What is what?

It is no longer easy to say where one style ends and the other starts, because both have a lot in common and yet differ from the original idea. As the utility-style reveals, it´s all about convenience and the practicality of clothing. For example, wind and dust jackets are also part of the utility because they perform their practical function very well.

But when we talk about the cargo/safari style, especially in the modern sense of the word, it’s more about a beautiful imitation of the clothes of adventure-hungry travelers and explorers who visited India, Africa, and Co at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 20th century.



For this reason, this style became much more elegant and gentler. The fabrics no longer have to be robust either. The Safari style uses soft, flattering, and accentuating fabrics such as satin, linen, and silk. The color palette is also rather reserved and natural. Even the active prints are “borrowed” from nature, e.g. zebra, tiger, or leopard prints.


Utility style can also be suitable for street style fashion

My today´s outfit is 100% utility because I literally got the shirt from a soldier’s wardrobe. Yes, you got it right, it’s part of a military uniform. Although I really like what the shirt looks like on its own, today I wanted it to look more feminine. A wide belt is pretty good to complete this mission. Using a belt, you can make a great accent on the waist and practically transform the look into a safari one. The outfit looks very harmonious because all colors come from the natural, warm color palette. Different shades of brown, olive, and black as a connection between them play along just perfectly.

I totally love this look because it combines the elegance of a lady, the thirst for adventure, and the sex appeal of a Lara Croft and looks so casual and relaxed at the same time.


I´m wearing: shirt n.a. / jeans by Na-Kd / boots by Zara / belt by Ralph Lauren / bag by Massimo Dutti / sunnies by Miu Miu /   


What do you think about this outfit?



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