Vacation on Mallorca: a very strange day


In case you follow me on Instagram, you know that I got stuck in the elevator two times in July. The second time was in Palma, on Mallorca and it was quite an unpleasant occasion for me. Still, this unpleasant event caused a whole chain of interesting events which I want to share with you in today´s blog post. A summer outfit we photographed in Palma, suits it too. So, let´s dive directly into that strange day.

When your day starts badly, it doesn´t mean anything

Often, they say that the beginning of the day is most important for the whole day because the fact how it starts affects it pretty much. So, if you start it badly, you are supposed to have a fucked-up day after that. Well, it´s not necessarily true. Our stay on Mallorca went to its end and we planned many activities on that almost last day. We left out hotel in the morning and wanted to go by car to have breakfast somewhere in the old town. The staircase to the car park was locked and that´s why we had to take an elevator to get downstairs. The elevator didn´t look too fail-safe but we didn´t get any other option. We went in there and got trapped inside. Though I don´t panic in every elevator, this one was pretty small, and we were four persons locked inside. The temperature of 33 degrees Celsius made the situation even worse because I didn´t get enough air to breathe. In fact, we spent there no more than 10 minutes, but it was enough for me to burst into tears. After that, I thought that the day couldn´t be good anymore but I was wrong. The hotel manager felt so sorry about this occasion that we had been excused with complimentary breakfast where we could order everything we like. It was the first positive event in the whole chain of events caused by the elevator fail.

The previous evening, we discovered a cool photographer in the old town who made pictures in the retro style. Unfortunately, we were too late, and he was already packing his equipment. That´s why we wanted to go there the next day. The photographer also felt sorry that we had to come again to get our pictures, so he gave us one picture for free. This is how we saved our money for the second time on the same day. Later that day, we wanted to go to the beach for the last time. Coming there we took four loungers and two sunshades. We waited for somebody to pay for it, but nobody came. This is how we saved our money the third time. In the evening, we wanted to take a sightseeing tour to see Palma by night. The moment we wanted to pay, the bus driver let us enter for free just because it was late and we couldn´t hop on and off several times that day. This is how we saved additional 70 euros. So, we enjoyed the Palma bus tour for free.

All in one, we saved about 200 euros on that day. I barely can believe it was true because I never experienced such days before. Though thinking about it, I had to admit that in case we hadn´t been stuck in the elevator, we wouldn´t have been late to do all the things we were going to. This is how only one event can change everything. Did you experience anything similar?

I´m wearing: top by Missguided / shorts by Asos / slides by Mango / bag by Mango / silk scarf by H&M



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