Visiting the “Three Royal Tombs” park in Seoul + crop top in the rugby style by Missguided


Today, I want to get back in time and relive my short but extremely cool trip to South Korea. Though I didn´t have too much time to spend in Seoul, one of the places I took my time to visit was the park “Seoullung & Jeongneung Royal Tomb” which is not only a traditional park where you can walk and unwind but also the place where three tombs of the king´s family members are situated. Additionally, I took some pictures of the outfit you will see in this post.

A quite place to unwind in the middle of the stone jungle

The park “Seoullung & Jeongneung Royal Tomb” is located in the middle of one of the most popular districts in the city, Gangnam. I didn’t look for any parks in Seoul but when I looked out of my window in the hotel and noticed this one, I got very excited to go there. It was just a five-minutes’ walk from the hotel and the day was so hot that going there was the best idea. Of course, I was also hoping to take pictures for my blog. Bloggers out there will relate for sure 😊.

When we approached the entrance, we discovered that the entry is not free. But the price wasn´t high, so we decided to try our luck and went in. It turned out that this wasn´t a traditional park but a very important place for the Koreans because this is where three tombs of the king´s family are located. We understood it only the moment we walked into some pretty little buildings which we were sure, had been some temples. Luckily, Google can answer almost every question, this is how we found out what this place was all about.

The park is very big and seems to be more a forest than a park as we know them. All paths are made and marked so that there is no chance to go into the woods. Still, you can take a seat on numerous banks standing along the paths and unwind listening to the active singing of the birds living there. A nice benefit of all Korean parks is the fact that there are drink fountains everywhere. So, it´s not a problem to drink or even to fill up the bottle with fresh water. In case, you are going to visit Seoul, I would recommend you this place because it´s definitely worth it.

In love with cropped tops – a rugby cropped hoodie by Missguided

For a long time, I was sure that cropped tops are nothing for me. I loved them on other girls but never tried them on myself. A couple of months ago, I decided to change it and ordered my first cropped hoodie. Now, I have numerous cropped tops and don´t want to miss them anymore. This hoodie in a rugby-style looks very cool and different from everything I´ve seen before. That´s why I needed it. I paired it with high-waisted denim hot pants and completed the outfit with fun fur slides. Such a simple outfit can also be quite exciting. Wearing it made the Koreans look at me as if I was a weird American. So what? Everything that matters is that you enjoy what you´re wearing and feel comfortable.

I´m wearing: cropped hoodie by Missguided / hot pants by Asos / fur slides by Office London 


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