Wanderlust: when travelling opens new perspectives

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Do you experience a wanderlust from time to time? As for me, I have this feeling when I just want to explore new places and see a different kind of life. It doesn´t have to be a foreign country, a cozy town where I have never been before would be perfect as well. New places help me to find new inspirations. They are also perfect for recollecting one´s thoughts and making important decisions. I like meeting new interesting people, making new friends, and fill up life’s energy.

About a month ago, I had been to Amsterdam, which was a nice short trip. Those days in the craziest city of Europe had been so inspiring. The pictures for today´s look had been taken there. I decided for a rather chic casual look with short checked pants and a trendy knit with long sleeves. Though my stay in Amsterdam was quite short, I still could refill my energy and get some new ideas for my blog.

Quite often I read such posts as “writer´s block” or “I can’t find inspiration” on numerous blogs. To be honest, I also had a writer´s block and since then I am a little bit afraid to lose my muse once again. Unfortunately, there are many bloggers confronting this problem, who have been blogging for a long period of time. Some of them “disappear” for months as they don´t have any inspiration to write their posts. Even if you are not a blogger, still, having an everyday routine, stress and time pressure could “kill” your creativity, your lust for new adventures and impressions. Traveling is a kind of lifebelt for me, as it helps me to switch from the grey everyday life and bring me to new places, new people, great ideas, and pleasure.

I am going to Asia (Bangkok) soon and can´t wait to explore such a different place. It will be my first time in Asia and I am a little bit excited, as it´s something extremely different than I have seen before. I hope to find new inspirations, fill up my energy and just enjoy my time in Thailand.

I´m wearing: Sweater by H&M / Pants by Elis / Pumps by Zara / Earrings by Sieraden Anders / Bag by Patrizia Pepe

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What is travelling for you? Is it the way to explore and meet new cultures, new people and find inspirations or a change from your work routine?

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  1. 11. February 2017 / 10:42

    Wow, tolle Bilder !
    Besonders die mit dem Tageslicht gefallen mir !

    • Daria
      23. February 2017 / 14:46

      Vielen, lieben Dank!)))

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